Elbrus Alizade

Keywords : Azerbaijan Landslip sheet Flow Ecological risk Mountain Geosystems

Organization : Baku State University

Department : Physical Geography

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/e4031957

Biography :

Alizade Elbrus eng


Alizade Elbrus

Doctor in geography, the professor of faculty « Physical geography »
Office number 4390419
e-mail: elgeom@mail.ru


Was born in 1957 in Agdash area. Secondary education has received in. Agdash (1964 - 1974). In 1974-1979. studied on geographical branch of geologic-geographical faculty AGU (nowadays BGU) and has ended with the diploma of difference.


  • In 1984 has protected the master's thesis on a theme: “Morphostructural analisis of the southern slope of the South- Eastern Caucasus with use of remote sensing materials”, and in 2004 the thesis for a doctor's degree on a theme “Appropriates of morphostructurial differentation of the moutainous constructions of the eastern segment of central part of the Alpine-Himalaya joint zone (on the basis of materials of interpretation of space photoes).”


  • With 1979 till today works in the Institute of geography, ANAS.
  • 1988-2003- head of sector “Aerospace methods”.
  • 2003-2005 - The leading scientific employee
  • With 2005 till today - the main scientific employee.
  • Since 1992 reads lecture at geographical faculty of BGU, and since 2005 is the professor of faculty « Physical geography ».
  • E.K.Alizade is the author of 2 monographies, 2 textbooks, 3 manuals, 5 curriculums and more than 150 scientific articles.


  • Proceedings basically are devoted to research of morphostructures of mountain territories of Azerbaijan with application of remote sensing materials, to an estimation of geomorphologic risk, research of the geodynamic intense territories, to ecogeomorphologic research of mountain geosystems of the Major and Minor Caucasus, formation of modern mountain ecosystems, to definition of a degree of influence complex endo- and exogenic factors etc.
  • E.K.Alizade's proceedings are published in USA, the Great Britain, Spain, Slovakia, Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkmenistan and other countries.


  • Represented our country on many international scientific conferences and symposiums (USA, Romania, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc.).


  1. The retrospective analysis of formation and development of morphostuctures of the eastern part of Minor Caucasus. The bulletin of the Baku University, 1993, № 1, p. 202-213.
  2. Features of morphostructurial interpretation of SP of zones of interface morphotectonic blocks (on an example of east part of Minor Caucasus). Moscow. Geomorphology, 2001.
  3. Landscape ecological estimation of the modern geosystems of the Eastern Caucasus. News НАН of Azerbaijan. A series of sciences about the ground. 2002 (together with Kuchinskaya I.Y.).
  4. Steady development of mountain geosystems in conditions of strengthening of morphodynamical intensity (on an example of Azerbaijan).// "Bulletin" of the Vladycaucasus science centre of the Russian Academy of Science, volume 7, № 3, 2007, p. 45-50.


  • Morphostructural of mountain constructions of Azerbaijan and adjacent territories. Baku, 248p.
  • Geography. The textbook for 6 classes. Baku, 2008 (together with N.S.Seyfullaeva).
  • Geography (the General physical geography). The textbook for 10 classes. Baku, 2008. (together with M.A.Museibov and N.S.Seyfullaeva).