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An international Scientific Conference -6th Forum CARPATICUM – Linking the Environmental, Political and Societal Aspects for Carpathian Sustainability
The Forum Carpaticum is an open meeting of the Science for the Carpathians (S4C) initiative. S4C – Science for the Carpathians – connects scientists in Central Europe, defines research priorities for the region, provides applicable findings for the politics of the region and enhances international collaboration with partners from outside the Carpathians.
The conference will be held from 22nd June to 26th June, 2020, in the Conference centre of Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic.
Conference goals: Push the forefront of Carpathian research on climate, ecological processes, nature conservation, sustainable use of natural resources, human-environment interactions, education for sustainable development; Provide researchers and stakeholders with a space for exchanging ideas and research results, fostering dialogue between research, policy and practice to make the Carpathians more sustainable; Promote new inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary collaborations, establish links between S4C, local and regional authorities and various stakeholders involved in environmental management
Conference topics (including, but not restricted to)
• Assessment of climate change vulnerabilities of forest and agricultural sectors and their dependency from adaptation opportunities and climate change mitigation
• How can the concepts of Bio & Circular-Economy contribute to the sustainable use of natural resources in the Carpathians?
• Can biodiversity loss effect the sufficient provision of ecosystem services in the Carpathians?
• Rural urban relationships, connectivity of urban greenness with the peripheral zones
• Conservation science and practical policy measures to promote the sustainable transformation process of the Carpathians
• Carpathian waters
• Advances in earth observations for sustainable development
• Traditional land management, rural development, smart & sustainable planing , social innovation, sustainable tourism development
• Historical human-environment interactions in the Carpathians, damages from environmental crime and their contemporary effects
• Spatial justice, services of general interest and governance
• Education for the sustainable Carpathians – the milestone for the present and future of the Carpathians
Call for abstracts (for oral presentations and posters)
Participants are invited to submit abstracts of papers and posters related to the themes of the Conference. The abstract must be written in English. To submit an abstract please follow this procedure and make use of the template on the conference website:
Please send the abstract by email to Radek Plch (plch.r@czechglobe.cz)