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Palaeoclimatic models help to understand current distribution of Caucasian forest species

Facilitation by unpalatable weeds may conserve plant diversity in overgrazed meadows in the Caucasus Mountains
Thorium Resources and their Energy Potential in Georgian Republic, the Caucasus
A new species of the genus Helix from the lesser caucasus (SW Georgia)
Genetic diversity of Vitis vinifera in Georgia: relationships between local cultivars and wild grapevine, V. vinifera L. subsp. sylvestris
Habitat selection by East Caucasian tur (Capra cylindricornis)
Geographic and genetic boundaries of brown bear (Ursus arctos) population in the Caucasus
The impacts of management and site conditions on the phytodiversity of the upper montane and subalpine belts in the Central Greater Caucasus
Variability of plant species diversity during the natural restoration of the subalpine birch forest in the Central Great Caucasus
Strategic Guidelines for Responding to Impacts of Global Climate Change on Forests in the Southern Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia)
Subducted, detached, and torn slabs beneath the Greater Caucasus
Forest Habitat Restoration in Georgia, Caucasus Ecoregion
Colchic and Hyrcanian forests of the Caucasus: Similarities, differences and conservation status
Invasive Carassius carp in Georgia: Current state of knowledge and future perspectives
Outlook on climate change adaptation in the South Caucasus mountains
High mountain meadows mesofauna for pastures rehabilitation
New data on some rare species of flora of Georgia
The North Caucasus factor in the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict context
The inter-annual distribution of cloudless days and nights in Abastumani: Coupling with cosmic factors and climate change
Alpine plant distribution and thermic vegetation indicator on Gloria summits in the Central Greater Caucasus
Gene Flow Between Wolf and Shepherd Dog Populations in Georgia (Caucasus)
Current Middle & Upper Palaeolithic research in the southern Caucasus
Ethno-ecological contexts of the Skhalta Gorge and the Upper Svaneti (Georgia, the Caucasus)
Sustainable development of Georgian region Svaneti
Phylogenetic signals in scale shape in Caucasian rock lizards (Darevskia species)
Pedagogy, modernity and nationalism in the Caucasus in the age of reaction, 1880–1905
Investigation of Active Fault Scarps by Means of Geophysical Prospecting Methods, Javakheti Fault Case, Georgia
Identity processes and statuses in post-Soviet Georgia: Exploration processes operate differently
Genetic relationships between wild progenitor pear (Pyrus L.) species and local cultivars native to Georgia, South Caucasus
Tourism Infrastructure Planning in Tusheti National Park of Georgia
A consolidated list of Triticum species and varieties of Georgia to promote repatriation of local diversity from foreign genebanks
Karyological Study of Three Species of the Genus Aphis (Hemiptera: Aphididae) from Georgia
Non-extensive statistical analysis of seismicity in the area of Javakheti, Georgia
Morphometrics, life history and population biology of the Ponto-Caucasian slave-making ant Myrmoxenus tamarae (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
Active convergence between the Lesser and Greater Caucasus in Georgia: Constraints on the tectonic evolution of the Lesser–Greater Caucasus continental collision
Shades of Grey. Intentions, Motives and Moral Responsibility in the Georgian-Abkhaz Conflict
Pension System in the South Caucasus: Challenges and Reform Options
Georgia in-between: religion in public schools
A paleoseismic investigation of a frontal foreland thrust in the Greater Caucasus
A paleoseismic investigation of a frontal foreland thrust in the Greater Caucasus
A paleoseismic investigation of a frontal foreland thrust in the Greater Caucasus
Magnitude of Shortening in the Western Kura fold-thrust belt, Georgia
Late Miocene Goderdzi Volcanic Formation, Lesser Caucasus, Georgia: Evidences of the Presence of a Caldera
Biodiversity monitoring in Sno valley (Georgia, Caucasus)
Happiness and Well-Being as Seen by Children and Young People in Georgia
Phylogeography and taxonomic status of trout and salmon from the Ponto‐Caspian drainages, with inferences on European Brown Trout evolution and taxonomy
Ore-Forming Processes and Ore Occurrences of the Eastern Greater Caucasus Georgian Segment