Masters program in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Organization:Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Leader/Coordinator:Maya Margvelashvili


Teaching languageGeorgian





Program Description:

Aim of the Program and Objectives - The Program is designed to create future tourism and hospitality industry leaders, for those people wishing to develop their careers to a very high executive level within the international tourism and hospitality industry. It follows a precisely defined route and delivered by an industry-experienced team of specialist academic staff. It covers those areas deemed most crucial for career development. The curriculum, with options (two electives), has been specifically designed to enable students to receive a balanced Program that considers the management of tourism and hospitality taught by subject specialists at both strategic and local levels.

Outcome – After successfully completing the program MSc in Tourism and Hospitality Management the student should:

Be able to integrate knowledge from various academic fields into operational wisdom and be prepared to assume leadership roles in the tourism and hospitality sectors;

Have an understanding of tourism as a multidisciplinary phenomenon with its own and unique regulation, history, markets and business logic;

Have acquired the specific applied knowledge and skills needed for management positions in marketing, business control, and human resource management in tourism and hospitality organizations;

Act independently in Tourism and Hospitality planning, marketing and development objectives identification and decision making;

Have an ability for solving complicated situations and take right managerial decisions;

Have an ability to work in multicultural teams and to handle complex situations in tourism organizations that operate domestically and internationally.

In addition to the specific learning outcomes above, the students should also have acquired the following general knowledge:

Communication skills, including writing, oral presentation, and communication in group work situations;

present pablicly ideas and conclusions and defend them with appropreate knowledge and logical deductions;

 Staff management and customer service;

 Information search, including the ability to find and filter information from databases and other information sources, data synthesis, critical analysis.

These skills are built upon and developed through the course structure so that by the time taught elements of the Program are completed students are well equipped to take on the challenge of a tourism and/or hospitality based dissertation. Employment Opportunities - Students who graduate from the Program would be prepared to further their careers in the public and private service sector environments in a range of positions including: destination manager, visitor service manager, tour-operator company manager, hotel manager, consultant, marketing manager, staff manager, development officer, researcher, or project manager, etc.

Entry Requirements – Admission will be conducted in accordance with the Georgian Legislation (Common State Masters’ Exams) for residents, plus exams in Tourism Economics and English Language. For non-residents – exams in Tourism Economics and English Language.

Program Courses - Academic Writing and Research Methods; Research Design; European Cultural Mosaic; Population and EU Development; Civil Service Culture and Ethics; Foreign Policy Analysis; Economics of Recreation, Leisure and Tourism; Tourism and Hospitality Management; Tourism and Development; Tourism and Hospitality Marketing; Tourism and Hospitality Research Methods; Human Resource Management in Tourism and Hospitality; Local Tourism Development; Front Office Management; Introduction to Economics; Event Management; Alternative Tourism; and Field Practice.

Scientific Research Conditions – For the conducting of MSc Program’s research component students will be provided at IST Librariy with necessary amount of computers, connected with Internet for required information searching and textbooks.