Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

Status state institution

Abbreviation ANAS

Telephone 492-35-29; 492-56-99



Address Az1001, 30, Istiglaliyyat str., , Baku, , Azerbaijan

Contact person Akif Aga Mehdi oglu Alizade

Departments Institute of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry , Institute of Geography , Institute of Information Technology , Geology Institute ,


G. Sh Mamedov

Rovshan Karimov

Stara Tarikhazer

Nariman Pashayev

Ramiz Mammadov

E. N. Tagieva

Tamilla Bayramova

Budag Budagov

Ulviyya Mammadova

Fakhraddin Kadirov

Gulam Babayev

Ibrahim Guliyev

Farhad Guliyev

M. A. Abduev

Aferin Gasanova

Tahir Karimov

T. S. Mammadov


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