Eter Abulidze

Keywords Biodiversity , Genetics ,

Country: Georgia

Organization:Ilia State University

Department:Institute of Ecology

ResearchGate profile:


Eter Abulidze from Georgia (Caucasus), is a 3rd year Ph.D student at the Ilia State university, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, She is working as a Researcher at the Institute of Ecology (2013–2014/2016-2017). Also She has the financial support as a Researcher for the biodiversity monitoring program from German NGO GIZ (2017). During two years She was studied in Italy University of Tuscia, Department of Dafne, as an Ph.D exchange student (Erasmus Mundus program) molecular genetics' laboratory and worked molecular-genetic analysis of Nordman's Fir (Abies nordmannian) and Eastern spruce (Picea orientalis) in Caucasus region (2014-2016). She was involved in ”Spiral Methodology Seminar” at Greece City of Kavala. She has a Master's Degree in Ecology and Conservation Biology and Bachelor's Degree in Biology and Ecology.