Katherine S. Layton

Keywords Cultural concepts and studies , Cultural , political and psycho-social processes of identity formation , Definitional issues of “development” , Community and social development and the role of education , Rights and development , Governmental and non-governmental roles and organizations , Women’s issues and gender studies , Violence in social , psychological , and political contexts. Refugee policy and studies , Relief and development links ,

Country: United States

Organization:Tallahassee Community College

Department:Behavioral, Social Sciences and Education

Projects Chechens ,

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Katherine S. Layton's research targets the nexus of politics and culture, the concept of "development", and the paradoxes of culture and rights. A former human rights professional, Layton has nearly twenty years of fieldwork experience with refugees in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, the North Caucasus, and Turkey. Currently, she teaches courses in Political Science and Qualitative Methods at Tallahassee Community College, USA. 

1992 - 2000 Florida State University, Department of Educational Foundations and Policy
DEGREE: Doctor of Philosophy (Fall, 2000)
MAJOR: International/Intercultural Development Education
Focus: culture and the role of education in development; violence and trauma;
refugee studies; relief, rights and development; community and social development.
DISSERTATION: Education and Development for Refugees from Bosnia-Herzegovina in Croatia:
“Participation” in Oppositional Contexts
1993 - 1994 Florida State University, Department of Political Science
DEGREE: Master of Science
MAJOR: Political Science
Focus: political and social development; structures and roles of governmental
and non-governmental organizations.
1991 - 1992 Florida State University, Department of Political Science
DEGREE: Master of Arts
MAJOR: Russian and East European Studies
Focus: Political, historical, and economic analysis of Yugoslavia, Hungary,
1991 - 1992 Florida State University, Center for Yugoslav-American Studies, Research and
DEGREE: Certificate in Yugoslav Studies
1989 - 1991 Florida Atlantic University
DEGREE: Bachelor of Arts Degree
MAJOR: Political Science
Focus: Political structures, systems, philosophies; East Europe conflicts
1983 - 1986 Palm Beach Community College
DEGREE: Associate of Arts Degree
MAJOR: Marketing / Distributive Education

Research Interests
Cultural concepts and studies
Cultural, political and psycho-social processes of identity formation
Definitional issues of “development”
Community and social development and the role of education
Rights and development
Governmental and non-governmental roles and organizations
Women’s issues and gender studies
Violence in social, psychological, and political contexts
Refugee policy and studies
Relief and development links
Field Interests and Methodological Specializations
Culturally based programming
Non-formal and informal education
Adult education
Women's policy, practice, and education
Social services needs assessments
Community and social program development
Qualitative program and project evaluation
Policy analysis and applied research
Participatory methodology and programming
Layton, Katherine S. 1995. Yugoslavia and her ethnic groups: national identity and the educational arena."
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Layton, Katherine S. 2004. The emperor carries a gun: capacity building in the North Caucasus. Online
Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution 6.1 Fall: 241-271. ISSN: 1522-211X |
Layton, Katherine S. 2005. The Situation of Chechen Refugees in Istanbul. (Situation advisory
document for non-governmental organization use) Detailed analysis of legal and humanitarian
conditions of Chechen refugees in Istanbul, with population demographics and outline of social,
cultural, psychological, and political parameters.

August 2011 – Adjunct Instructor
Present TCC – Tallahassee Community College
Tallahassee, FL
Division of History and Social Sciences.
Instructor of Political Science. Courses taught: Foundations of the U.S.
Constitution; Comparative Politics; Introduction to Political Science.
October 2010 - Instructor
March 2011 IYEM – Center for Dissemination of Science Education
Istanbul, Turkey
Instructor of discussion group for university students: development of
analytical skills and cross-cultural exploration, with social, cultural, political
and popular themes.
Instructor, remedial education students: development of English language
vocabulary and terminology, through dialogue and conversation
September 2005 - Private Instructor and Consultant
March 2011 Istanbul, Turkey
Private tutoring for young professionals: Ph.d. and Master degree advisement,
including research techniques, theses preparation and writing.
Additional: professional writing development, interviewing skills, and
TOEFL/IELTS exam preparation. English speaking practice groups.
October 2003 - Humanitarian Consultant/Volunteer
July 2010 Istanbul, Turkey
Independent consultant and advisor: for humanitarian needs and rights of
Chechen refugees residing in Istanbul. Volunteer for coordination of assistance
to improve living conditions and legal problems of Chechen refugees.
April 2004 – Instructor
January 2005 Lawyer’s Association
Istanbul, Turkey
Instructor: Legal and professional English, analytical and cross-cultural
skills development, for lawyers and non-governmental organization
members. Course curriculum: legal vocabulary and issues, local and international
current events, international law and rights, politics and political
science, democracy, socio-psychology, development, and economic
August 2001 - Program Specialist
September 2003 Center of Chechen Culture and Education
North Caucasus
Program Specialist, Center of Chechen Culture and Education (local
Chechen humanitarian organization). Responsibilities: Center set-up
and advisor on capacity building, including proposal writing, donor relations
and fund raising; program and project development; needs assessments;
monitoring and evaluation. The Center works in the North Caucasus republics of Kabardino-Balkaria, Ingushetia, and Chechnya.

May 2003 - Program Consultant
September 2003 Northern Caucasus
Consultant for local non-governmental organizations in areas of speciali
- Capacity Building
- Cultural Programming
- Program and Project Development
- Needs Assessments
- Project Monitoring and Evaluation
- Participatory Methodology
July 2002 – Head of Office and Program Coordinator
May 2003 Centre for Peacemaking and Community Development
Chechnya/Ingushetia, North Caucasus
Head of Office for Ingushetia branch; responsibility for various sector
projects. Responsibilities: Oversight and management of Ingushetia office,
including: coordination of staff and personnel needs; security policy
development and implementation. Special responsibility for sector
projects: Education, Peace-building and Life Skills, Capacity Building,
Monitoring/Evaluation, Protection. Management: 7 office staff, 65 project
staff, 135 teachers.
May 2001 – Education and Community Sector Coordinator
June 2002 International Rescue Committee
Chechnya/Ingushetia, North Caucasus
Coordinator of Education and Community Sector. Responsibilities:
Strategic planning, program design and oversight of sector activities.
Sites: 16 IDP spontaneous settlement schools; 1 community center; 6
formal schools. Activities: schooling; non-formal education and psychosocial
projects; cultural education and community support and development;
vocational training – youth and women; youth leadership development.
Management: 13 office staff, 25 community center staff, 100
teachers, 100 youth leaders.
January 2001 - Visiting Assistant Professor
April 2001 Florida State University
Tallahassee, Florida
Department of Educational Research, College of Education. Instructor
of “Qualitative Methods for Program Evaluation.” Course description:
The course develops students’ skills in collecting and assessing qualitative
data for program evaluation. The political context of evaluation and
philosophical issues and strategies associated with qualitative research
are emphasized.
September 2000 - Adjunct Instructor
April 2001 Tallahassee Community College
Tallahassee, Florida
Division of History and Social Sciences.
Instructor of “Teaching Diverse Populations.” Course description: Focuses
on providing prospective teachers with knowledge about students in American schools who are from different ethnic, racial, cultural, gender,
sexual orientation, and linguistic backgrounds or who represent other
categories of diversity, and how the needs of diverse students may be

September 2000 - Adjunct Instructor
April 2001 Keiser College
Tallahassee, Florida
Instructor of Political Science. Course description: Democracy in the
U.S. - Structures, Systems, and Processes. Specific topics: democratic
and constitutional roots of U.S. democracy; ideology; foundations and
types of rights, i.e., women’s, civil, and citizenship rights; the workings
of Congress, the Presidency, and the Judiciary. Student profile: minority
and working class young adults.
July 1995 - Program Developer and Manager
June 1997 Refugee Camp "Bistrica"
Sutivan, Croatia
General: Development and management of assistance programs, monitoring
and liaison for refugees’ conditions and needs.
"Computer/Information Project:"
Development, fundraising, and coordination of a refugee camp project to
teach basic computer and program administration and management skills
to adults and teens, while linking refugees with information and aid
sources and organizations. Establishment of in-camp Information Center/
Computer Room.
"English Language Learning and Assistance Program:"
Development, fundraising, and coordination of a participatory Englishlanguage
learning program for refugee adults and teens.
November 1994 - Researcher
February 1995 Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina
Qualitative research of refugee aid and programs, projects in Croatia.
Extensive interview survey and policy analysis of refugee humanitarian
and relief environment, organizations and programs, policy, practice, and
grassroots movements.
December 1993 - Project Volunteer
January 1994 Refugee Camp “Pax”
Medugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Refugee camp volunteer, to provide activities for Bosnian displaced persons,
including women’s group and children’s play, sports.
1993 - 1994 Evaluator
Center for Policy Studies in Education,
The Florida State University
Tallahassee, Florida
Design and implementation of a model participatory evaluation of the
Florida juvenile justice program, "Arthur G. Dozier School For Boys."

August 1993 Project Volunteer
Suncokret Grassroots Relief Organization
Refugee Camp "Gasinci"
Gasinci, Croatia
Refugee camp volunteer, to provide activities for Bosnian refugees, including
English-language program coordination and teaching, women’s
group and children’s play and sports activities.
July 1993 Group Leader
Suncokret Grassroots Relief Organization
Refugee Camp "Lupoglav"
Lupoglav, Croatia
Refugee camp group leader, and coordinator of group of international
volunteers to provide activities for Bosnian refugee children.
1992 - 1993 Researcher and Curriculum Developer
The Florida State University
Tallahassee, Florida
Research associate, to Dean, College of Social Science. Research on political
and economic transitions in Eastern Europe and design of a course
May 1990 - Legal Assistant
August 1991 St. John & King, P.A.
West Palm Beach, Florida
Preparation of legal documents.
May 1988 - Branch Manager’s Assistant
April 1990 Shearson Lehman Brothers, Inc.
West Palm Beach, Florida
Liaison, between local branch and legal department in New York headquarters.
Personnel and administrative functions. Coordination of marketing
efforts for financial consultants. System Manager for brokerage
computer network, including installation supervision and training of personnel.
June 1986 - Marketing Manager
April 1988 Annis Communications, Inc.
Boca Raton, Florida
Development of marketing plan to implement company growth for threecounty
area. Initiated and managed satellite office. Generation of new
accounts, selling and servicing clients.
August 1982 - Statistical Clerk of Quality Control
June 1986 Motorola, Inc.
Boynton Beach, Florida
Development, implementation and maintenance of data management system.
Liaison between overseas facilities and local management to provide
quality control data, reports. Analysis of quality trends.

Presentation: “Humanitarian and Political Situation of Chechens in Ingushetia and Chechnya.” Young
Lawyers’ Study Group. Istanbul, Turkey. June 2004.
Rapporteur: “Education in Crisis, Conflict, and Transition Situations group of Human Capacity Development
for the 21st Century” Conference; sponsored by USAID. Washington, D.C. August,
Presentation: "Refugee Voices and Refugee Service Organizations." "Voices of Bosnia Conference,"
organized by The World Peace and Relief Team. The Florida State University. October, 1996.
Presentation: "The Power and Responsibility of Critical Questioning: Social Crisis and Social Pressures
in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina." Sail High School, Tallahassee, Florida. April, 1995.
Presentation: "Educational Provisions and the Refugee Service Arena in Former Yugoslavia." Comparative
and International Education Society Annual Conference. Boston, Massachusetts.
March, 1995.
Presentation: "National Identity and Education in Yugoslavia." Comparative and International Education
Society Annual Conference. San Diego, California. March, 1994.
Presentation: "Refugee Alienation in the former Yugoslavia." Sail High School, Tallahassee, Florida.
Fall, 1993.
Presentation: Political and Economic Transitions in Hungary and Croatia." Undergraduate Comparative
Government classes, Florida State University. Summer, 1992.
Presentation: "The Changing Socio-Political-Economic Environment in Eastern Europe: Implications
for Educational Institutions." In association with Student Advisory Council, Florida State University.
Fall, 1992.
Grant Recipient, Recipient of "Doctoral Dissertation Research Grant," from the Florida State University.
For dissertation and project activities in Croatia. Grant Period: January - May, 1997.
Grant Recipient, Recipient of "Preliminary Dissertation Travel Grant for East European Studies," from
the Joint Committee of the American Council of Learned Societies and the Social Science Research
Council. For research on refugee educational provision in former Yugoslavia. Grant Period: November,
1994 - February, 1995.
Search Committee Member, Dean's Search Committee, Department of Educational Foundations and
Policy Studies, the Florida State University. Active member of committee to interview, evaluate and select
a new faculty member for the department. June - July, 1994.
Volunteer Associate, Bosnian Support Network, Florida Chapter of American Red Cross. Efforts to solicit
and deliver material support for humanitarian efforts in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Tallahassee, Florida.
1992 - 1994.
Research Exchange Student, through Florida State University and the Center for Yugoslav - American Studies, Research and Exchanges, for study in Hungary and Croatia. Research on economic and political
transformation in Eastern Europe. Summer, 1992.

President, National Political Science Honor Society, Florida Atlantic University. 1990 - 1991.
Vice Chair, Dean's Student Advisory Council, College of Social Science, Florida Atlantic University.
1990 - 1991.
National Collegiate Social Science Honor Society, upon recommendation of faculty of Department of
Political Science, Florida Atlantic University.
Student Assistant, Department of Political Science, Florida Atlantic University. Research, classroom aid
and student advisement. 1991.
Intern, with Lois Frankel, State Representative of Florida. West Palm Beach, Florida. 1990.