Tracey German

Keywords Social Sciences , Earth and Planetary Sciences , Economics , Econometrics and Finance , Arts and Humanities , conflict & security in the Caucasus/Caspian ,

Country: United Kingdom

Organization:King's College London


Research Interests

  • Chechnya
  • Security in the Caucasus
  • Russian Politics and Security in the Post-Soviet Era
  • Energy Issues in Former Soviet States

MA Special Subject

Security in the Caucasus and Caspian Basin


Dr Tracey German joined the Defence Studies Department in 2004. Prior to this she lectured at RMA Sandhurst and the University of Aberdeen, and worked as a research manager for a business intelligence company, specialising in energy security. She is a graduate in Russian from the University of Edinburgh and was awarded a PhD on the topic of Russia's conflict with Chechnya. Her current research interests are the ongoing conflict in Chechnya, security in the Caucasus and Central Asia, and energy issues in the former Soviet states.