Raisa Gracheva

Keywords Earth and Planetary Sciences , Social Science , Agricultural and Biological Sciences , Environmental Science ,

Country: Russia

Organization:Russian Academy of Sciences

Department:Institute of Geography

ResearchGate profile: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Raisa_Gracheva

Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/raisa.gracheva.3

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Senior Research Scientist
Laboratory of Soil Geography and Evolution


Soil genesis and geography, mountain soils, land use, soils and society; natural hazards in the mountains. 

STUDY AREAS: Far East, the Caucasus, Stara Planina, Russian Plain.



  • Leading Researcher

    Institute of Geography of RAS
    1975 – Present (41 years)Moscow, Russian Federation

    Study of mountain soils and land use; post-soviet transformation of mountain society and environmental change; natural hazards; soil and landscape evolution (Holocene). Regions: the Caucasus (Russia and Georgia), Central Russia, Far East.
    Experience: soil maps; leader of Projects funded by RFBR, MacArthur Foundation, RAS-BAS, NWO, SNF

  • Project team leader

    Russian Regional Environmental Centre
    November 2003 – December 2012 (9 years 2 months)Moscow, Russian Federation

    National coordinator and leader of project team of international mountain projects: Sustainable Development of Mountain Regions of the Caucasus - Local Agenda 21; Fostering Community Forest Policy and Practice in Mountain Regions of the Caucasus

  • Lecturer (geography and ecology)

    Humanitarian lycées
    1990 – 2006 (16 years)Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Lecturer (geography)

    University of Russian Academy of Education
    1996 – 1998 (2 years)Moscow, Russian Federation


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