Sergei Yazvenko

Keywords Ecology , Botany , Marine Biology ,

Country: Canada

Organization:LGL Limited

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Sergei B. Yazvenko, Ph.D., joined LGL Limited in 1996 as a Senior Research Ecologist. Dr. Yazvenko received his Ph.D. from Moscow State University, where his research focused on the historical reconstruction of natural and stressed forest ecosystems. Subsequently, Dr. Yazvenko conducted postdoctoral research work at the Universities of Waterloo and Guelph in southern Ontario, where he led an investigation on the history of degradation and anthropogenic stresses on forests in southern Ontario. In much of his work, Dr. Yazvenko has developed and used paleoecological tools, in particular those utilizing pollen, to reconstruct historical vegetation patterns and to infer land use history. He has conducted field investigations in many parts of the world including Ontario, Alberta, Minnesota, Russia, Greece, Ukraine, and Moldova, and has been invited to speak on his paleoecological work at many international conferences. Since joining LGL, Dr. Yazvenko has conducted vegetation and wildlife studies in an investigation of the environmental impacts of a proposed highway in BC, and has developed riparian vegetation databases and devised optimal strategies for the restoration of riparian forests for a number of watersheds on Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlotte Islands. He also co-ordinated studies on sea‑associated birds and mammals in an area northeast of Sakhalin Island, Okhotsk Sea for a U.S. based oil company, and is a key member of the study team that is developing a long-term strategic plan for resource use in the Kaska Dena Traditional Territory in BC.