Vahram Ter-Matevosyan

Keywords Turkish domestic and foreign policy , Regional Security , Conflicts in the post-Soviet Space ,

Country: Armenia

Organization:American University of Armenia

Department:College of Humanities & Social Sciences (CHSS)

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Vahram Ter-Matevosyan specializes in Turkish domestic and foreign policy, Regional Security and Conflicts in the post-Soviet Space. He is also the Head of the Turkish Studies Department (part-time) at the Institute for Oriental Studies, National Academy of Sciences of Armenia. He studied at the University of Bergen (Norway), Lund University (Sweden), Institute of Oriental Studies and Yerevan State University (Armenia). He was Visiting Professor at Duke University, NC (2016), Fulbright Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, CA (2009-2010) and Visiting Doctoral Student at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA (2005). He authored an award-winning monograph “Islam in the Social and Political Life of Turkey, 1970-2001” in 2008 and co-authored “History of Turkish Republic” in 2014.


His research articles have been published in “Europe-Asia Studies”, “Turkish Studies”, “Middle Eastern Studies”, “Insight Turkey”, “Eurasian Geography and Economics”, “Turkish Review”, “Journal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies”, “Iran and the Caucasus”, “Diaspora Studies”, “Études Arméniennes Contemporaines”, “Caucasus Analytical Digest”, “UC Berkeley Armenian Studies Program Occasional Papers”, Contemporary Eurasia etc.