Kenan Aslanli

Keywords : public Finance Governance Budget Energy economics International Development Poverty Analysis

Country : Azerbaijan

Organization : Public Finance Monitoring Center

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Kenan Aslanli is a policy analyst examining fiscal, macroeconomic and energy policy issues at the Public Finance Monitoring Center (Baku, Azerbaijan). He is also a consultant for International Budget Partnership (Washington DC, USA) on Open Budget Index in Azerbaijan.

Kenan Aslanli is author of a number of research works, such as “Economic Diversification in Azerbaijan,” “Internal discourses and foreign policy-making in the Caspian region: export pipelines, geopolitics and cultural orientation in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan” (2011-2013).

Mr. Aslanli holds a BA from the Academy of Public Administration and an MA from State Economic University (Baku, Azerbaijan). He has successfully passed short-term intensive courses on energy economics and emerging markets at Central European University (Budapest, Hungary) and Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (Nanchang, China).