Projects on keyword: Caucasus


Organization: Swiss National Science Foundation Country/countries of implementation: Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Switzerland, Geographical coverage: Global Start date: Jan 2009 End date: Jan 2010 Source: Swiss National Science Foundation

Keywords: Caucasus , Mountains , Georgia , Armenia ,

Organization: WWF Azerbaijan Office Country/countries of implementation: Armenia, Azerbaijan Geographical coverage: Regional Start date: Jan 2002 End date: Aug 2017 Source: WWF Switzerland and WWF Germany

Keywords: Leopard , Caucasus , Nakhchivan , Conservation ,

Organization: Friedrich Schiller University of Jena Country/countries of implementation: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Geographical coverage: Regional Start date: Feb 2013 End date: Jul 2016 Source: Volkswagen Stiftung

Keywords: higher education , Central Asia , Caucasus ,

Organization: GEF Geographical coverage: Transboundary Start date: Jun 2013 End date: Dec 2017 Source: GEF, UNDP,EC, Goverment, FAO,

Keywords: Caucasus , Mountains , Sustainable development ,