The Last Closed Border of the Cold War: Turkey–Armenia

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Plants in the spa – the medicinal plant market of Borjomi, Sakartvelo (Republic of Georgia), Caucasus

Keywords: Georgia , Borjomi Spa , medicinal plant mixtures ,
Journal Title: Indian journal of traditional knowledge Year: 2017

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Vodka or Bourbon? Foreign Policy Preferences Toward Russia and the United States in Georgia

Keywords: Russia , the United States , Georgia ,
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Pedagogy, modernity and nationalism in the Caucasus in the age of reaction, 1880–1905

Keywords: Language education policy , Nationalism , Georgia , Caucasus ,
Journal Title: Caucasus Survey Year: 2017 Volume: 5 Pages: 121-141

authors: Timothy Blauvelt , Anton Vacharadze,

Assessing landscape connectivity for large mammals in the Caucasus using Landsat 8 seasonal image composites

Keywords: Image compositing , Landsat , Image metrics , Phenology , Corridor mapping , Connectivity , Land cover , Caucasus ,
Journal Title: Remote Sensing of Environment Year: 2017 Volume: 193 Pages: 193–203

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Second home tourism impact and governance: Evidence from the Caspian Sea region of Iran

Keywords: Second home tourism , Environmental impacts , Second home development governance , Caspian Sea region , Iran ,
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