Population dynamics, changes in land management, and the future of mountain areas in Northern Caucasus: The example of North Ossetia

Journal Title: Erdkunde Year: 2012 Volume: 66 Pages: 197-219

authors: Gracheva, Raisa , Kohler, Thomas, Stadelbauer, Jörg, Meessen, Heino,

The influence of carbonates in parent rocks on the biological properties of mountain soils of the Northwest Caucasus region

Keywords: Caucasus region , Bilogical activity of Soil ,
Journal Title: Eurasian Soil Science Year: 2012 Volume: 45 Pages: 282–289

authors: K. Sh. Kazeev , M. A. Kutrovskii, E. V. Dadenko, L. S. Vezdeneeva, S. I. Kolesnikov, other authors.