Brief communication: Supraglacial debris-cover changes in the Caucasus Mountains

Keywords: Supraglacial debris-cover , Glaciers , Caucasus Mountains ,
Journal Title: The Cryosphere Discussions Year: 2019 Pages: 1-6

authors: Levan Tielidze , Tobias Bolch, Roger D. Wheate, Stanislav S. Kutuzov, Ivan I. Lavrentiev, other authors.

Phylogeography of Potamon ibericum (Brachyura: Potamidae) identifies Quaternary glacial refugia within the Caucasus biodiversity hot spot

Keywords: Phylogeography , Potamon ibericum , Glacial refugia , Caucasus biodiversity hot spot ,
Journal Title: Ecology and Evolution Year: 2019 Volume: 9 Pages: 4749-4759

authors: Elaheh Parvizi , Alireza Keikhosravi, Reza Naderloo, Samaneh Solhjouy‐Fard, Farahnaz Sheibak, other authors.