Publications on keyword: Ethnicity


Does ethnicity have an effect on fetal behavior? A comparison of Asian and Caucasian populations

Keywords: 4D ultrasound , Asian , Caucasian , Ethnicity , fetal behavior , KANET score ,
Journal Title: Journal of Perinatal Medicine Year: 2016 Volume: 44 Pages: 217-221

authors: Uiko Hanaoka , H√Ęta, Toshiyuki, Kanenishi, Kenji, Mostafa Aboellail, Mohamed Ahmed, Uematsu, Rina, other authors.

Conflicting identities in the Caucasus

Keywords: Ethnicity , Religion , Conflict ,
Journal Title: Peace Review A Journal of Social Justice Year: 1997 Volume: 9 Pages: 453-459

authors: Svante E. Cornell ,