Publications on keyword: tectonics


Decoupling of modern shortening rates, climate, and topography in the Caucasus

Keywords: tectonics , erosion , Climate , dynamic topography , orogenic processes ,
Journal Title: Earth and Planetary Science Letters Year: 499 Volume: 2016 Pages: 282–294

authors: Adam M. Forte , Kelin X. Whipple , Bodo Bookhagen, Matthew W. Rossi,

Tectonics of the Greater Caucasus: from rifting to collision

Keywords: The Greater Caucasus , tectonics , collision ,
Year: 2018

authors: Jon Mosar , Jeremiah Mauvilly, Nikolay Enna, Irakli Gamkrelidze , Talat Kangarli, other authors.

Complex Wave Propagation Revealed by Peak Ground Velocity Maps in the Caucasus Area

Keywords: Caucasus , Georgia , Ground Velocity , maps , tectonics ,
Journal Title: Seismological Research Letters Year: 2017 Volume: 88

authors: Cédric P Legendre , Tai Lin Tseng , Himanshu Mittal, Che-Hao Hsu, Arkady Karakhanyan, other authors.

Sedimentary Basin Tectonics from the Black Sea and Caucasus to the Arabian Platform: Introduction

Keywords: the Black Sea , Caucasus , tectonics ,
Journal Title: Geological Society Year: 2010 Volume: 340 Pages: 1-10

authors: Marc Sosson , Nuretdin KAYMAKCI, Randell Stephenson, V. Starostenko,

Helium isotopes, tectonics and heat flow in the Northern Caucasus

Keywords: Northern Caucasus , Helium isotopes , tectonics , Heat flow ,
Journal Title: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Year: 2000 Volume: 64 Pages: 1925-1944

authors: Boris Polyak , Igor Tolstikhin, I. L. Kamensky, L. E. Yakovlev, A. L. Cheshko, other authors.

Tectonics of the Caucasus and adjoining regions: implications for the evolution of the Tethys ocean

Keywords: Caucasus , North Anatolia , tectonics , Tethys ocean ,
Journal Title: Journal of Structural Geology Year: 1981 Volume: 3 Pages: 437-447

authors: Shota Adamia , T. Chkhotua, M. Kekelia, M. Kekelia, I. Shavishvili, other authors.