Publications on keyword: Conflict


Nightmare in the Caucasus

Keywords: Conflict , Northeastern Caucasus ,
Journal Title: The Washington Quarterly Year: 23 Volume: 2000 Pages: 145-159

authors: Anatol Lieven ,

Power ideas and conflict: ideology, linkage and leverage in Crimea and Chechnya

Keywords: Linkages , leverage , ideas , Conflict , Crimea , Chechnya ,
Journal Title: East European Politics Year: 2016 Volume: 32 Pages: 314-334

authors: James Hughes , Gwendolyn Sasse,

Armenia: Managing new opportunities for regional integration

Keywords: Armenia , Caucasus , Regional integration , Five-day war , Conflict ,
Journal Title: Reassessing Security in the South Caucasus: Regional Conflicts and Transformation Year: 2013 Pages: 91-104

authors: Alexander Iskandaryan , Sergey Minasyan ,

The evidence suggests that the conflict in Chechnya was not a major factor in the motivation of the Boston bombers

Keywords: Conflict , Chechnya ,
Journal Title: LSE European Politics and Policy (EUROPP) Blog Year: 2013

authors: James Hughes ,

Economic Component of the Russian-Georgian Conflict

Keywords: Georgia , Russia , Conflict , Economic component ,
Journal Title: The Caucasus & Globalization Year: 2012  Volume: 6 Pages: 61-71

authors: Vladimer Papava ,

Displacing Blame: Georgian Internally Displaced Person Perspectives of the Georgia–Abkhazia Conflict

Keywords: Georgia , Abkhazia , Conflict ,
Journal Title: Ethnopolitics Formerly Global Review of Ethnopolitics Year: 2012 Volume: 11 Pages: 123-140

authors: PETER KABACHNIK , Joanna Regulska , Beth Mitchneck,

The problematic role of EU democracy promotion in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabakh

Keywords: European Union , Nagorno-Karabakh , Armenia , Azerbaijan , Democracy , Conflict ,
Journal Title: Communist and Post-Communist Studies Year: 2012 Volume: 45 Pages: 193-200

authors: Licínia Simão ,

The Quest for Stability in the Karabakh Conflict

Keywords: Karabakh , Conflict ,
Journal Title: PONARS Eurasia Memo Year: 2011

authors: Sergey Minasyan ,

The Thawing of a Frozen Conflict: The Internal Security Dilemma and the 2004 Prelude to the Russo-Georgian War

Keywords: Russia , Georgia , Conflict ,
Journal Title: Europe-Asia Studies Year: 2010 Volume: 62 Pages: 63-97

authors: Cory Welt ,

Opening Borders, Preserving Walls: Opportunities to Support the Karabakh Peace Process

Keywords: Karabakh , Conflict ,
Journal Title: Journal of Conflict Transformation Year: 2010

authors: Laurence Broers ,

Islamic Terrorism and the Question of National Liberation, or Problems of Contemporary Chechen Terrorism

Keywords: Conflict , Terrorism ,
Journal Title: Studies in Conflict & Terrorism Year: 2008 Volume: 25 Pages: 515-532

authors: Irina Mukhina ,

The Chechnya conflict: freedom fighters or terrorists?

Keywords: Chechnya , Conflict ,
Journal Title: Demokratizatsiya: the Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization Year: 2007 Pages: 293-311

authors: James Hughes ,

Violence and conflict in the Russian North Caucasus

Keywords: Russian North Caucasus , Republic of Chechnya , Ingushetia , Dagestan , Conflict , Violence ,
Journal Title: International Affairs Year: 2007 Volume: 83 Pages: 681-705

authors: Domitilla Sagramoso ,

A Strategic Conflict Analysis of the South Caucasus with a Focus on Georgia

Keywords: Security Situation in the South Caucasus , Conflict , Conflict Analysis of Georgia ,
Journal Title: SIDA Year: 2005

authors: Svante E. Cornell , Niklas L.P. Swanström, Anara Tabyshalieva, Georgi Tcheishvili,

Trauma of Chechnya's ongoing war on internally displaced people

Keywords: Chechnya , War , Conflict , Human Rights ,
Journal Title: The Lancet Year: 2004 Volume: 364 Pages: 1008

authors: Kaz De Jong , Saskia van der Kam, Nathan Ford, Sally Hargreaves, R van Oosten, other authors.

Secession and war: a moral analysis of the Russian–Chechen conflict

Keywords: Russia , Chechnya , Conflict ,
Journal Title: Central Asian Survey Year: 2003 Volume: 22 Pages: 377-404

authors: Bruno Coppieters ,

Conflict in the Caucasus

Keywords: Conflict , Caucasus ,
Journal Title: Asian Affairs Year: 2001 Volume: 32 Pages: 196-199

authors: Brian George Hewitt ,

Chechnya: The causes of a protracted post‐soviet conflict

Keywords: Conflict , Chechnya ,
Journal Title: Civil Wars Year: 2001 Volume: 4 Pages: 11-48

authors: James Hughes ,

Ossetiya—land of uncertain frontiers and manipulative elites

Keywords: The South Ossetya , Georgia , Conflict ,
Journal Title: Central Asian Survey Year: 1999 Volume: 18 Pages: 501-534

authors: Julian Birch ,

Geographical Background to a Settlement of the Conflict in Abkhazia

Keywords: Conflict , Georgia , Abkhazia ,
Journal Title: Georgians and Abkhazians. The Search for a Peace Settlement. Köln: Bundesinstitut fur ostwissenschaftliche und internationale Studien Year: 1998

authors: Revaz Gachechiladze ,

Turkey and the conflict in Nagorno Karabakh: A delicate balance

Keywords: Conflict , Turkey , Nagorno Karabakh ,
Journal Title: Taylor & Francis, Ltd. Year: 1998 Pages: 51-72

authors: Svante E. Cornell ,

Georgians and Abkhazias search for a Peace Settlement

Keywords: Georgia , Abkhazia , Conflict ,
Year: 1998

authors: Bruno Coppieters , Ghia Nodia , Viacheslav A. Chirikba, Revaz Gachechiladze, Yuri Anchabadze, other authors.

Shades of Grey. Intentions, Motives and Moral Responsibility in the Georgian-Abkhaz Conflict

Keywords: Georgia , Abkhazia , Conflict ,
Journal Title: Georgians and Abkhazias search for a Peace Settlement Year: 1998 Pages: 143-167

authors: Bruno Coppieters , Ghia Nodia , Yuri Anchabadze,

Conflicting identities in the Caucasus

Keywords: Ethnicity , Religion , Conflict ,
Journal Title: Peace Review A Journal of Social Justice Year: 1997 Volume: 9 Pages: 453-459

authors: Svante E. Cornell ,

The Georgian-Abkhazian conflict in a regional context

Keywords: Conflict , Georgia , Abkhazia ,
Journal Title: Institute for Policy Studies Year: 1996

authors: George Tarkhan-Mouravi ,

Britain and the question of Mountainous Karabagh

Keywords: Armenia , Georgia , Azerbaijan , Conflict ,
Journal Title: Middle Eastern Studies Year: 1980 Volume: 16 Pages: 92-104

authors: Artin H. Arslanian ,

Conflict in the Caucasus: An historical context and a prospect for peace

Keywords: Caucasus , History , Conflict ,
Journal Title: Journal Central Asian Survey Year: 1978 Volume: 17 Pages: 337-352

authors: Robert Bruce Ware ,