Publications on keyword: Conflict


Nightmare in the Caucasus

Keywords: Conflict , Northeastern Caucasus ,
Journal Title: The Washington Quarterly Year: 23 Volume: 2000 Pages: 145-159

authors: Anatol Lieven ,

Conflict transformation and civil society: The case of Nagorno-Karabakh

Keywords: Conflict , Nargo- Karabakh ,
Journal Title: Europe-Asia Studies Year: 2016 Volume: 68 Pages: 441-459

authors: Vincenc Kopecek , Tomas Hoch, Vladimir Baar,

Conflict in the Caucasus: implications for international legal order

Keywords: Conflict , Georgia , Russia ,
Year: 2010 Editors: Green, J., Waters, C.

authors: James A. Green , Christopher Waters,

Trauma of Chechnya's ongoing war on internally displaced people

Keywords: Chechnya , War , Conflict , Human Rights ,
Journal Title: The Lancet Year: 2004 Volume: 364 Pages: 1008

authors: Kaz De Jong , Saskia van der Kam, Nathan Ford, Sally Hargreaves, R van Oosten, other authors.

Chechnya: The causes of a protracted post‐soviet conflict

Keywords: Conflict , Chechnya ,
Journal Title: Civil Wars Year: 2001 Volume: 4 Pages: 11-48

authors: James Hughes ,

Conflict in the Caucasus

Keywords: Conflict , Caucasus ,
Journal Title: Asian Affairs Year: 2001 Volume: 32 Pages: 196-199

authors: Brian George Hewitt ,

Chechnya: A Glimpse of Future Conflict?

Keywords: Chechnya , Conflict ,
Journal Title: Studies in Conflict & Terrorism Year: 1999 Volume: 22 Pages: 207-229

authors: John Arquilla , Theodore Karasik,

Georgians and Abkhazias search for a Peace Settlement

Keywords: Georgia , Abkhazia , Conflict ,
Year: 1998 Editors: Bruno Coppieters, Ghia Nodia, Yuri Anchabadze,

authors: Bruno Coppieters , Ghia Nodia , Viacheslav A. Chirikba, Revaz Gachechiladze, Yuri Anchabadze, other authors.