Publications on keyword: Biodiversity


Brasilien Vervain (Verbena brasiliensis Vell.) in Colkheti flora

Keywords: Verbena , Alien , Invasion , Georgia , Colkheti , Biodiversity ,
Journal Title: Annals of Agrarian Science Year: 2017 Volume: 15 Pages: 198-200

authors: irakli Mikeladze , G.K. Bolkvadze, M.V.Metreveli, R.N.Chagalidze, M.U.Davitadze, other authors.

First inventory of lichens and lichenicolous fungi in the Khosrov Forest State Reserve, Armenia

Keywords: South caucasus , Armenia , Khosrov Forest State Reserve , Biodiversity , Lichenology , Oak and juniper forests ,
Journal Title: Flora Mediterranea Year: 2015 Volume: 25 Pages: 105-114

authors: Arsen Gasparyan , Aptroot, André, Burgaz, Ana Rosa Osa, Otte, Volker, Zakeri, Zakieh, other authors.

Separate or mixed production of timber, livestock and biodiversity in the Caspian Forest

Keywords: Caspian Forest , Biodiversity , Multiple-use forestry , Land use specialization , Wood pasture , Grazing ,
Journal Title: Ecological Economics Year: 2010 Volume: 70 Pages: 67-76

authors: Frederik Noack , Manthey, Michael, Ruitenbeek, Jack, Mohadjer, Mohammad Reza Marvie,

Territorial protection of globally threatened species in the Caucasus

Keywords: Caucasus , Protection , Threatened species , Protected areas , Biodiversity ,
Journal Title: Status and Protection of Globally Threatened Species in the Caucasus Year: 2009 Pages: 222-231 Editors: Nugzar Zazanashvili, David Mallon

authors: Nugzar Zazanashvili , Karen Manvelyan, Elshad Askerov, Vladimir Krever, Sedat Kalem, other authors.

Vascular plant diversity in Solakli watershed in Northeastern Turkey

Keywords: Anatolia , Biodiversity , Braun-Blanquet , α and β indices , phytosociology ,
Journal Title: PHYTOLOGIA BALCANICA Year: 2007 Volume: 13 Pages: 213-222

authors: Salih Terzioğlu , Rahim Anşin, Mahmut Kılınç, Cengiz Acar,