Publications on keyword: Climate


Decoupling of modern shortening rates, climate, and topography in the Caucasus

Keywords: tectonics , erosion , Climate , dynamic topography , orogenic processes ,
Journal Title: Earth and Planetary Science Letters Year: 499 Volume: 2016 Pages: 282–294

authors: Adam M. Forte , Kelin X. Whipple , Bodo Bookhagen, Matthew W. Rossi,

The Influence of Meteorological Conditions on Atmospheric Pollution in Georgia

Keywords: atmosphere , Pollution , Climate , Greenhouse gases , Ecology , Georgia ,
Journal Title: American Journal of Environmental Protection Year: 2015 Volume: 4 Pages: 67-71

authors: Lamzira Lagidze , Lia Matchavariani , David Kereselidze, Nodar Tsivtsivadze, Nino Paichadze, other authors.

The Comparison of Eastern and Western Georgia's Sarmatian Vegetation and Climate

Keywords: Sarmatian , Eastern Georgia , Western Georgia , Climate , Vegetation ,
Journal Title: Proceedings of the Georgian National Museum Year: 2012 Volume: 4 Pages: 31-36

authors: Irina Shatilova , Irma Kokolashvili , Luara Rukhadze ,

State of glaciers in the Caucasus and southern Siberian mountains and their links with climate oscillations since the 1950s

Keywords: Caucasus , North Siberian , Climate ,
Journal Title: Geophysical Research Abstracts Year: 2008 Volume: 10 Pages: 28-58

authors: Maria Shahgedanova , Chris Stokes , T. Khromova, V. Popovnin, Y. Narozhny, other authors.

A survey of modern pollen and vegetation along an altitudinal transect in southern Georgia, Caucasus region

Keywords: Pollen , Vegetation , Climate , tree-lines , numerical analysis , Caucasus ,
Journal Title: Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology Year: 2004 Volume: 129 Pages: 229–250

authors: Simon E Connor , Ian Thomas, Eliso V Kvavadze, Giorgi J Arabuli, Genia S Avakov, other authors.

The Caucasus

Keywords: Caucasus , Mountainous Regions , Glaciers , Climate ,
Journal Title: The Physical Geography of Northern Eurasia Year: 2002 Pages: 350-376

authors: Natalya Volodicheva ,