Publications on keyword: South caucasus


Progress for research of grape and wine culture in Georgia, the South Caucasus

Keywords: Grape , Wine culture , Georgia , South caucasus ,
Year: 2019

authors: David Maghradze , A. Aslanishvili, Irma Mdinaradze, D. Tkemaladze, L. Mekhuzla, other authors.

Eight Millennia of Matrilineal Genetic Continuity in the South Caucasus

Keywords: Ancient DNA , MtDNA , mitogenomes , South caucasus , Armenia , genetic continuity , Population genetics ,
Journal Title: Current Biology Year: 2017 Volume: 27 Pages: 2023–2028

authors: Ashot Margaryan , Miroslava Derenko, Hrant Hovhannisyan, Boris Malyarchuk, Rasmus Heller, other authors.

South Caucasus Countries

Keywords: South caucasus , Armenia , Azerbaijan , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Regional Integration Processes in the Commonwealth of Independent States Year: 2017 Pages: 313-319 Editors: Katarzyna Czerewacz-Filipowicz

authors: Katarzyna Czerewacz-Filipowicz , Agnieszka Konopelko,

New pollen evidence from Nariani (Georgia) for delayed postglacial forest expansion in the South Caucasus

Keywords: South caucasus , Paleolake , Forest expansion , Early Holocene ,
Journal Title: Quaternary Research Year: 2017 Volume: 87 Pages: 121–132

authors: Erwan Messager , Sébastien Nomade, Bruno Wilhelm, Sébastien Joannin , Vincent Scao, other authors.

Grape and wine culture in Georgia, the South Caucasus

Keywords: Grape , Wine culture , Georgia , South caucasus ,
Journal Title: 39th World Congress of Vine and Wine Year: 2016 Volume: 7

authors: David Maghradze , Giorgi Samanishvili, Levan Mekhuzla, Irma Mdinaradze, George Tevzadze, other authors.

A Western Strategy for the South Caucasus

Keywords: South caucasus ,
Year: 2015

authors: Svante E. Cornell , S. Frederick Starr, Mamuka Tsereteli,

First inventory of lichens and lichenicolous fungi in the Khosrov Forest State Reserve, Armenia

Keywords: South caucasus , Armenia , Khosrov Forest State Reserve , Biodiversity , Lichenology , Oak and juniper forests ,
Journal Title: Flora Mediterranea Year: 2015 Volume: 25 Pages: 105-114

authors: Arsen Gasparyan , Aptroot, André, Burgaz, Ana Rosa Osa, Otte, Volker, Zakeri, Zakieh, other authors.

Screening of Georgian grapevine germplasm for susceptibility to downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola)

Keywords: Vitis vinifera , Resistance , OIV descriptor , South caucasus ,
Journal Title: Journal of Grapevine Research Year: 2015 Volume: 54 Pages: 193-196

authors: Nana Bitsadze , Aznarashvili M., Vercesi A., Chipashvili R., Osvaldo Failla, other authors.

Minor and underutilized fruits in Georgia and their WR

Keywords: Underutilized fruits , Georgia , South caucasus ,
Journal Title: Acta horticulturae Year: 2011 Volume: 948 Pages: 41-48

authors: David Maghradze , Zviad Bobokashvili, V. Kvaliashvili,


Keywords: Education , social class , socio-political attitudes , South caucasus , standards of living ,
Journal Title: European Societies Year: 2011 Volume: 13 Pages: 757-782

authors: Ken Roberts , Gary Pollock,

The Islamic Republic of Iran and the South Caucasus Republics

Keywords: Iran , South caucasus ,
Journal Title: Iranian Studies Year: 2010 Volume: 43 Pages: 391-409

authors: Elaheh Koolaee , Mohammad Hossein Hafezian PhD,

High mountain meadows mesofauna for pastures rehabilitation

Keywords: South caucasus , Ecosystem , High-mountainous pastures , Moisture , Saprophages , Soil mesofauna , Trophic structures ,
Year: 2010

authors: Mzia Kokhia , Manana Lortkipanidze, Edisher Tskhadaia, Oleg Gorgadze, Nino Melashvili,

The State of Law in the South Caucasus

Keywords: law , South caucasus ,
Year: 2005 Editors: Waters, C.

authors: Karen Andreasyan , SARA ANJARGOLIAN, NANCY SHARP NTI ASARE, other authors.

Regional Security in the South Caucasus: The Role of NATO

Keywords: Regional Security , South caucasus , NATO ,
Journal Title: Central Asia-Caucasus Institute Year: 2004

authors: Svante E. Cornell , Roger N. McDermott, William D. O’Malley, Vladimir Socor, S. Frederick Starr,

United States' strategic possibilities in the South Caucasus

Keywords: United States , South caucasus ,
Journal Title: European Security Year: 2001 Volume: 10 Pages: 76-83

authors: Camilla Khokhar , Paul Wiberg‐Jørgensen,

Armenia and Azerbaijan: Thinking a way out of Karabakh

Keywords: Armenia , Azerbaijan , Karabakh , War , South caucasus ,
Journal Title: Middle East Policy Year: 1999 Pages: 145-176

authors: David Laitin , Ronald Grigor Suny,