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Late Quaternary record of the vegetation and catchment-related changes from Lake Paravani (Javakheti, South Caucasus)

Keywords: South caucasus , Local glacier , Lateglacial , Holocene , Glacial tree refugia ,
Journal Title: Quaternary Science Reviews Year: 77 Volume: 2013 Pages: 125–140

authors: Erwan Messager , Soumaya Belmecheri , Ulrich Von Grafenstein, Sébastien Nomade , Vincent Ollivier , other authors.

Challenges Of The 21st Century: The Position of the Small State in Geo-Economic View from Georgia

Keywords: geo-economics , Georgia , South caucasus , Small state , Economic integration , Geo-economic activity ,
Journal Title: International Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research Year: 2017 Volume: 5 Pages: 495-500

authors: Giorgi Kvinikadze ,

Eight Millennia of Matrilineal Genetic Continuity in the South Caucasus

Keywords: Ancient DNA , MtDNA , mitogenomes , South caucasus , Armenia , genetic continuity , Population genetics ,
Journal Title: Current Biology Year: 2017 Volume: 27 Pages: 2023–2028

authors: Ashot Margaryan , Miroslava Derenko, Hrant Hovhannisyan, Boris Malyarchuk, Rasmus Heller, other authors.

New pollen evidence from Nariani (Georgia) for delayed postglacial forest expansion in the South Caucasus

Keywords: South caucasus , Paleolake , Forest expansion , Early Holocene ,
Journal Title: Quaternary Research Year: 2017 Volume: 87 Pages: 121–132

authors: Erwan Messager , Sébastien Nomade, Bruno Wilhelm, Sébastien Joannin , Vincent Scao, other authors.

South Caucasus from 1918 to 1921: history and historical parallels with the contemporary era

Keywords: South caucasus , Russia , Allies , Western powers ,
Journal Title: Nationalities Papers The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity Year: 2017 Volume: 45 Pages: 910-927

authors: Anna Mkhoyan ,

Introduction: Informality and power in the South Caucasus

Keywords: informality , South caucasus , transition , symbolic power , post-socialist , Post-Soviet ,
Journal Title: Caucasus Survey Year: 2017 Volume: 5 Pages: 1-10

authors: Abel Polese , Lela Rekhviashvili,

New data on some rare species of flora of Georgia

Keywords: flora of Georgia , New species , Teucrium canum Ficsh. & C. A. Mey. , Plantago maritima L. , South caucasus ,
Journal Title: Bulletin of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences Year: 2015 Volume: 9 Pages: 135-138

authors: Nikoloz Lachashvili , Eradze, Nino, Khachidze, Merab, Khetsuriani, Liana,

Is the South Caucasus region a part of the middle east?

Keywords: Georgia , Armenia , Azerbaijan , South caucasus , Economic , Social Development ,
Journal Title: Journal of Third World Studies Year: 2015 Volume: 32 Pages: 83-102

authors: Michael B. Bishku ,

A Western Strategy for the South Caucasus

Keywords: South caucasus ,
Year: 2015

authors: Svante E. Cornell , S. Frederick Starr, Mamuka Tsereteli,

First inventory of lichens and lichenicolous fungi in the Khosrov Forest State Reserve, Armenia

Keywords: South caucasus , Armenia , Khosrov Forest State Reserve , Biodiversity , Lichenology , Oak and juniper forests ,
Journal Title: Flora Mediterranea Year: 2015 Volume: 25 Pages: 105-114

authors: Arsen Gasparyan , Aptroot, André, Burgaz, Ana Rosa Osa, Otte, Volker, Zakeri, Zakieh, other authors.

The Rise of Militant Salafism in Azerbaijan and Its Regional Implications

Keywords: South caucasus , Azerbaijan , Jihadi ,
Journal Title: Middle East Policy Year: 2013 Volume: 20 Pages: 111–120

authors: Emil Aslan Souleimanov , Maya Ehrmann,

Reassessing Security in the South Caucasus. Regional Conflicts and Transformation

Keywords: Regional conflicts , South caucasus ,
Journal Title: Europe-Asia Studies Year: 2013 Volume: 65 Pages: 1485-1486

authors: Licínia Simão ,

Narratives in conflict: A perspective

Keywords: historical narrative , South caucasus , historical socialization , Ethnic conflict , narrative intervention ,
Journal Title: Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict Pathways toward terrorism and genocide Year: 2012 Volume: 5 Pages: 101-106

authors: Rauf Garagozov ,

A Broken Region: The Persistent Failure of Integration Projects in the South Caucasus

Keywords: South caucasus , Soviet economy ,
Journal Title: Europe-Asia Studies Year: 2012 Volume: 64 Pages: 1709-1723

authors: Thomas de Waal ,

Securing the South Caucasus: Military Aspects of Russian Policy towards the Region since 2008

Keywords: South caucasus , Georgia , Russia , 2008 ,
Journal Title: Europe-Asia Studies Year: 2012 Volume: 64 Pages: 1650-1666

authors: Tracey German ,


Keywords: Education , social class , socio-political attitudes , South caucasus , standards of living ,
Journal Title: European Societies Year: 2011 Volume: 13 Pages: 757-782

authors: Ken Roberts , Gary Pollock,

Introduction. Rethinking South Caucasus, in Laboratorium

Keywords: South caucasus , Introduction ,
Journal Title: Russian Review of Social Studies Year: 2010 Volume: 1 Pages: 3-17

authors: Tsypylma Darieva ,

High mountain meadows mesofauna for pastures rehabilitation

Keywords: South caucasus , Ecosystem , High-mountainous pastures , Moisture , Saprophages , Soil mesofauna , Trophic structures ,
Year: 2010

authors: Mzia Kokhia , Manana Lortkipanidze, Edisher Tskhadaia, Oleg Gorgadze, Nino Melashvili,

The EU’s neighborhood policy and the South Caucasus: Unfolding new patterns of cooperation

Keywords: European Neighborhood Policy , South caucasus , security complexes , regional cooperation , Wider Black Sea ,
Journal Title: Caucasian Review of International Affairs Year: 2008 Volume: 2 Pages: 47-61

authors: Licínia Simão , Maria Raquel Freire,

Frozen conflicts 1: How the EU can help bring peace to the South Caucasus

Keywords: South caucasus , EU , Conflicts ,
Journal Title: Europe's world: the only Europe-wide policy journal Year: 2007 Pages: 54-57

authors: George Tarkhan-Mouravi ,

US engagement in the Caucasus: Changing gears

Keywords: South caucasus , Changing gears ,
Journal Title: Helsinki Monitor Year: 2005

authors: Svante E. Cornell ,

Regional Security in the South Caucasus: The Role of NATO

Keywords: Regional Security , South caucasus , NATO ,
Journal Title: Central Asia-Caucasus Institute Year: 2004

authors: Svante E. Cornell , Roger N. McDermott, William D. O’Malley, Vladimir Socor, S. Frederick Starr,

Geopolitics in the South Caucasus: local and external players

Keywords: geopolitics , South caucasus ,
Journal Title: Geopolitics Year: 2002 Volume: 7 Pages: 113-138

authors: Revaz Gachechiladze ,

United States' strategic possibilities in the South Caucasus

Keywords: United States , South caucasus ,
Journal Title: European Security Year: 2001 Volume: 10 Pages: 76-83

authors: Camilla Khokhar , Paul Wiberg‐Jørgensen,

Armenia and Azerbaijan: Thinking a way out of Karabakh

Keywords: Armenia , Azerbaijan , Karabakh , War , South caucasus ,
Journal Title: Middle East Policy Year: 1999 Pages: 145-176

authors: David Laitin , Ronald Grigor Suny,