Publications on keyword: alpine soils


Nitrogen dynamics in alpine ecosystems of the northern Caucasus

Keywords: alpine soils , microbial biomass , N15N natural abundance , nitrification , Northern Caucasus , N mineralization ,
Journal Title: Plant and Soil Year: 2003 Volume: 256 Pages: 389–402

authors: Mikhail Makarov , B. Glaser, W. Zech, T.I. Malysheva, I.V. Bulatnikova, other authors.

The forms of phosphorus in humic and fulvic acids of a toposequence of alpine soils in the northern Caucasus

Keywords: alpine soils , Caucasus , Fulvic acids 31P-NMR spectroscopy , Humic acids , Phosphorus ,
Journal Title: Geoderma Year: 1997 Volume: 80 Pages: 61-73

authors: Mikhail Makarov , T. I. Malysheva, Ludwig Haumaier, Helmut G. Alt, Wolfgang H. Zech,