Publications on keyword: Protected areas


Transnational governance in mountain regions: Progress and prospects

Keywords: Mountains , Transnational governance , Sustainable development , Biodiversity , Protected areas ,
Journal Title: Environmental Science & Policy Year: 49 Volume: 2015 Pages: 95–105

authors: Martin Price ,

Effectiveness of protected areas in the Western Caucasus before and after the transition to post-socialism

Keywords: Western Caucasus , Protected areas , Socioeconomic shock , Russia , Forest disturbance , Abkhazia , Olympic Games , Random Forests ,
Journal Title: Biological Conservation Year: 2015 Volume: 184 Pages: 456-464

authors: Bragina, Eugenia V. , Christian Volker Radeloff, Matthias Baumann , Kelly J. Wendland, Tobias Kuemmerle, other authors.

The conservation of rare Armenian vipers Montivipera raddei and Pelias spp

Keywords: Caucasus , Conservation , Habitat destruction , Illegal collection , Population decline , Protected areas , Viperidae ,
Journal Title: International Zoo Yearbook Year: 2015 Volume: 49 Pages: 81-88

authors: Jeff Ettling , Aram Aghasyan, Levon Aghasyan,

Ecological Corridors and Spatial organization for protected areas of the small Caucasus, Georgia

Keywords: Conservation Geography , Ecological Corridors , Landscape Diversity , Protected areas , Small Caucasus ,
Journal Title: International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference Surveying Geology and Mining Ecology Management, SGEM Year: 2014 Volume: 1 Pages: 221-228

authors: Lia Matchavariani , Jamaspashvili, Nelli, Beruchashvili, Levan, Beruchashvili, Nikoloz L., Paichadze, Nino,


Keywords: Georgia , APHIDS , Protected areas ,
Year: 2011

authors: Shalva Barjadze , Bakhtadze N.G., Kintsurashvili N.T., Bakhtadze G.I., Chakvetadze N.L.,

Territorial protection of globally threatened species in the Caucasus

Keywords: Caucasus , Protection , Threatened species , Protected areas , Biodiversity ,
Journal Title: Status and Protection of Globally Threatened Species in the Caucasus Year: 2009 Pages: 222-231

authors: Nugzar Zazanashvili , Karen Manvelyan, Elshad Askerov, Vladimir Krever, Sedat Kalem, other authors.