Publications on keyword: Sustainable development


Transnational governance in mountain regions: Progress and prospects

Keywords: Mountains , Transnational governance , Sustainable development , Biodiversity , Protected areas ,
Journal Title: Environmental Science & Policy Year: 49 Volume: 2015 Pages: 95–105

authors: Martin Price ,

Transition to renewable energy and sustainable energy development in Azerbaijan

Keywords: Energy , Sustainable development , Renewable energy in Azerbaijan , transition , Climate change ,
Journal Title: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Year: 2017 Volume: 80 Pages: 1153-1161

authors: Nurtaj Vidadili , Elchin Suleymanov, Cihan Bulut, Ceyhun Mahmudlu,

Environmental problem analyses for cross-border territories of former soviet union countries

Keywords: Caucasus , Cross border environmental problem , Seismic risk , Sustainable development , Waste contamination , Water resources ,
Journal Title: Environmental Protection and Sustainable Ecological Development - Proceedings of the Environmental Protection and Sustainable Ecological Development, EPSED 2014 Year: 2015 Pages: 43-49

authors: Nadira Mavlyanova , Denisov, I, Lipatov, V,

Prospects of a settlement in southern georgia based on green energy

Keywords: Georgia , Green energy , Project , Sustainable development , Zveli Site ,
Journal Title: Progress in Clean Energy, Volume 2: Novel Systems and Applications Year: 2015 Pages: 1083-1097

authors: Alexander Tvalchrelidze ,

Sustainable rural development in Russia through diversification: The case of the Stavropol region

Keywords: Sustainable development , rural territories , diversification , Rural tourism ,
Journal Title: Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development Year: 2014

authors: Vasily Erokhin, Wim Heijman, Anna Ivolga ,


Keywords: Sustainable development , Rural tourism , Region ,
Journal Title: Economics of Agriculture Year: 2013 Pages: 48-44(479)

authors: Anna Ivolga , Vasily Erokhin,

Sustainable development in the Eastern Black Sea mountains: Present state and perspectives

Keywords: Sustainable development , Mountainous area development , Eastern Black Sea Region ,
Journal Title: Sustainable development in Mountain Regions: Southeastern Europe Year: 2011 Pages: 215-225

authors: Somuncu, Mehmet ,

Problems of influence of socio-economic dangers and risks on the sustainable development of Azerbaijan regions

Keywords: Azerbaijan Republic , Azerbaijan regions , Socio-economic dangers , Sustainable development , Risks ,
Journal Title: Izvestiya Akademii Nauk, Seriya Geograficheskaya Year: 2011 Pages: 54-62

authors: Budag Budagov , Ramiz Mammadov , E. K Alizade, M. D Ismailov, X. R Ismatova, other authors.

Ecological and geochemical analysis of risks of the impact of mining production upon sustainable development of Armenia 

Keywords: Armenia , Sustainable development , Mining production , Geochemical analysis , Risks ,
Journal Title: Izvestiya Akademii Nauk, Seriya Geograficheskaya Year: 2010 Pages: 87-93

authors: Armen Saghatelyan , Sahakyan, Lilit, Mikayelyan, M. G, Belyaeva, Olga,

Impediments to the Sustainable Development of the Caucasus-Pontdes Region

Keywords: Sustainable development , Caucasus-Pontdes Region , Georgia , economic development ,
Journal Title: New Global Development Year: 2008 Volume: 20 Pages: 33-48

authors: Igor Bondyrev , Z. K. Tatashidze, V. P. Singh, E. D. Tsereteli, A. Yilmaz,


Keywords: Georgia , Sustainable development , Economy , Energy ,
Year: 2005

authors: Archil Gegeshidze , Ketevan Gujaraidze, Omar Kiguradze, Temur Mikiashvili, Paata Janelidze, other authors.

The legal framework for sustainable mountain management: An overview of mountain-specific instruments

Keywords: environmental legislation , environmental management , legal system , Mountain region , Sustainable development ,
Journal Title: Unasylva Year: 2002 Volume: 53 Pages: 56-65

authors: Annie Villeneuve , Scopus - Author details - Talla, Patrice , Mekouar, Mohamed Ali ,

Specifics Of Sustainable Rural Development In Resort Areas: Case Of Caucasus Mineral Waters

Keywords: resorts , Sustainable development , recreation , rural territories ,
Journal Title: Contemporary issues of sustainable rural development: International approaches and experiences of Eastern Europe and Russia Year: 014

authors: Anna Ivolga , Alexander TRUKHACHEV, Vasily Erokhin ,