Publications on keyword: Tbilisi


Active convergence between the Lesser and Greater Caucasus in Georgia: Constraints on the tectonic evolution of the Lesser–Greater Caucasus continental collision

Keywords: GPS , Caucasus , deformation , seismic hazards , Tbilisi , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Earth and Planetary Science Letters Year: 2018 Volume: 481 Pages: 154–161

authors: Giorgi Sokhadze , M. Floyd, T. Godoladze, R. King, Eric C Cowgill , other authors.

Blind thrusts under Tbilisi, Georgia

Keywords: Georgia , Tbilisi , Achara-Trialeti fold-and-thrust belt ,
Year: 2017 

authors: Victor Alania , Onise Enukidze, Niko Tevzadze,

Modern Geo-ecological Conditions and Terrain Transformation of Tbilisi (Georgia)

Keywords: Tbilisi , Terrain Transformation , relief , Hazardous Processes ,
Journal Title: Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning Year: 2017 Volume: 2 Pages: 36-42

authors: Lela Gadrani , George Gaprindashvili ,

Natural Disaster in Tbilisi City (Riv. Vere Basin) in the Year 2015

Keywords: Georgia , Tbilisi , Landslide , Debrisflow , natural disaster ,
Journal Title: International Journal of Geosciences Year: 2016 Volume: 7 Pages: 1074-1087

authors: George Gaprindashvili , Merab Gaprindashvili, Emili Tsereteli ,

Medical aspects of atmosphere pollution in Tbilisi, Georgia

Keywords: Climate change , Green-house gases , Human health , Meteorological factors , Tbilisi ,
Journal Title: Journal of Environmental Biology Year: 2015 Volume: 36 Pages: 101-106

authors: Lamzira Lagidze , Lia Matchavariani , Nodar Tsivtsivadze, Nargiz Khidasheli, Nino Paichadze, other authors.

Research of Physical-Chemical Parameters in Drinking (Tap) Water in Tbilisi City and Its Close Regions

Keywords: Drinking water , Physical-Chemical Parameters , Tbilisi , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Clean Soil and Safe Water Year: 2012 Pages: 11-23

authors: Nodar Kekelidze , Teimuraz Jakhutashvili, Lela Mtsariashvili, Nana Khikhadze,

Russia's Accession to the WTO: the perspective from Tbilisi

Keywords: Georgia , Tbilisi , Russia ,
Journal Title: International Alert Year: 2011 

authors: Vladimer Papava ,

Microtemperature observation in Tbilisi seismoactiv region

Keywords: Tbilisi , Microtemperature , seismoactiv region ,
Journal Title: Geophysical Journal International Year: 2008 Volume: 12 Pages: 75-80

authors: George Melikadze , Tamar Jimsheladze, Nino Kapanadze ,

On context, harmony and Tbilisi

Keywords: Tbilisi , context ,
Journal Title: Kamara. Annual Journal of Georgian Technical University Faculty of Architecture Year: 2006 Volume: 7 Pages: 99-108

authors: Kristof Van Assche ,

Social problems of Tbilisi and its metropolitan region (TMR)

Keywords: Social problems , Tbilisi ,
Journal Title: Socio-economic and Political Geography at the Department of Human Geography, Tbilisi State University Year: 2003 Pages: 7-24

authors: Revaz Gachechiladze , Joseph Salukvadze ,

Changes in the ethnic structure of Tbilisi's population

Keywords: Tbilisi ,
Journal Title: Post-soviet geography Year: 1994 Volume: 35 Pages: 56-59

authors: Revaz Gachechiladze , Michael J Bradshaw,


Keywords: 1989-1993 , MIGRATION BALANCE , Tbilisi ,
Journal Title: Post-Soviet Geography Year: 1993 Pages: 541

authors: Revaz Gachechiladze , MICHAEL J BRADSHAW,

Tbilisi's climatic-landscape peculiarities and their dynamics

Keywords: Climatic landscape , transformation , Tbilisi ,
Journal Title: Journal of Environmental Biology Year: 2012 Volume: 33 Pages: 521-524

authors: Elene Salukvadze , Dali Mumladze, Tamila Chaladze, Nino Lomidze , Maia Khechikashvili, other authors.