Publications on keyword: Greater Caucasus


Linking agricultural food production and rural tourism in the Kazbegi district – A qualitative study

Keywords: Local agri-food products , Tourism , Marketing , Qualitative Research , Greater Caucasus , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Annals of Agrarian Science Year: 2017 Volume: 15 Pages: 40–48

authors: Sarah Hüller , J. Heiny, I.-U. Leonhäuser,

The formation and inversion of the western Greater Caucasus Basin and the uplift of the western Greater Caucasus: Implications for the wider Black Sea region

Keywords: Greater Caucasus , tectonic inversion ,
Journal Title: Year: 2016 Volume: 35 Pages: 2948–2962

authors: Stephen Vincent , William Braham, Vladimir A. Lavrishchev, James R. Maynard, Melise Harland,


Keywords: Greater Caucasus , RADIO-ECHO SOUNDING DATA , modeling ,
Journal Title: Earth's Cryosphere Year: 2015 Volume: 19 Pages: 69-78

authors: Stanislav Kutuzov , Lavrentiev I.I., Vasilenko E.V., Macheret Yu Ya, Dmitry Petrakov , other authors.

Subducted, detached, and torn slabs beneath the Greater Caucasus

Keywords: Greater Caucasus , Sub-crustal earthquakes , Slab tear , Large earthquakes , mountain , development ,
Journal Title: GeoResJ Year: 2015 Volume: 5 Pages: 36–46

authors: Tea Mumladze , Adam M. Forte , Eric C Cowgill , Charles C. Trexler, Nathan A. Niemi, other authors.

The pattern of deep structure and recent tectonics of the Greater Caucasus in the Ossetian sector from the complex geophysical data

Keywords: Greater Caucasus , Deep structure , tectonics , Geophysical data ,
Journal Title: Izvestiya Physics of the Solid Earth Year: 2015 Volume: 51 Pages: 26-37

authors: A. V. Gorbatikov , Evgeny Rogozhin , Marina Stepanova, Yu. V. Kharazova, N. V. Andreeva, other authors.

The Opportunity Costs of Conserving Pasture Resources for Mobile Pastoralists in the Greater Caucasus

Keywords: Greater Caucasus , Conserving Pasture Resources , Mobile Pastoralists ,
Journal Title: Landscape Research Year: 2013 Volume: 38 Pages: 499-522

authors: Regina Neudert , Jonathan Etzold , F. Münzner, Michael Manthey, S. Busse,

Primary bioproductivity of mountain landscapes in the system of regional connections (Exemplified by the greater caucasus)

Keywords: Greater Caucasus , Mountain landscapes , Bioproductivity , Vegetation cover ,
Journal Title: Geography and Natural Resources Year: 2012 Volume: 33 Pages: 105-112

authors: Erland Kolomyts , Surova, N. A, Sharaya, Larisa,

Cenozoic-Recent tectonics and uplift in the Greater Caucasus: a perspective from Azerbaijan

Keywords: Cenozoic-Recent tectonics , Greater Caucasus , Azerbaijan ,
Journal Title: Geological Society Year: 2010 Pages: 261-280

authors: Jon Mosar , Talat Kangarli, Martin Bochud, Ulrich A. Glasmacher, Annick Rast, other authors.

Oligocene uplift of the Western Greater Caucasus: an effect of initial Arabia–Eurasia collision

Keywords: Greater Caucasus , Arabia–Eurasia collision , Oligocene uplift ,
Journal Title: Terra Nova Year: 2007 Volume: 19 Pages: 160–166

authors: Stephen Vincent , Andrew C. Morton, Andrew Carter, Samantha Gibbs, Teimuraz G. Barabadze,

Geochronology of Quaternary volcanism of the Krestovyi Pass Region, Kazbek Neovolcanic Area, Greater Caucasus

Keywords: Greater Caucasus , Kazbek Neovolcanic Area , volcanism , Geochronology ,
Journal Title: Doklady Earth Sciences Year: 2007 Volume: 413 Pages: 272–276

authors: Vladimir Lebedev , I. V. Chernyshev, A. V. Chugaev, G. T. Vashakidze,

The Mesozoic-Cenozoic tectonic evolution of the Greater Caucasus

Keywords: Greater Caucasus , Mesozoic –Cenozoic tectonic evolution , Scythian Platform (SP) ,
Journal Title: lyellcollection Year: 2006

authors: ALINE SAINTOT , Marie-Françoise Brunet, Fedor Yakovlev, Michel Sébrier, Randell Stephenson, other authors.

High mountain flora of Pirikiti Khevsureti and Tusheti (NE Greater Caucasus)

Keywords: High mountain flora , Greater Caucasus , Khevsureti , Tusheti , Botanical-geographic diversity ,
Journal Title: Flora Mediterranea Year: 2006 Volume: 16 Pages: 355-378

authors: Shamil Shetekauri , L. Tsiskarauli, T. Zangurashvili,