Publications on keyword: Holocene


Late Quaternary record of the vegetation and catchment-related changes from Lake Paravani (Javakheti, South Caucasus)

Keywords: South caucasus , Local glacier , Lateglacial , Holocene , Glacial tree refugia ,
Journal Title: Quaternary Science Reviews Year: 77 Volume: 2013 Pages: 125–140

authors: Erwan Messager , Soumaya Belmecheri , Ulrich Von Grafenstein, Sébastien Nomade , Vincent Ollivier , other authors.

The Black Sea and World Ocean Levels Change during the Holocene

Keywords: Holocene , the Black Sea , World Ocean , Change Levels ,
Journal Title: Holocene. Perspectives, Environmental Dynamics and Impact Events Year: 2013 Pages: 89-99 Editors: Bahadur Singh Kotlia

authors: Nikolay Esin , Andrey G. Zatsepin, Nikolay Igorevich Esin,