Publications on keyword: Georgia


Technical efficiency of potato and dairy farming in mountainous Kazbegi district, Georgia

Keywords: Kazbegi district , Georgia , Potato , Productivity , Commercialization , Livestock , household ,
Journal Title: Annals of Agrarian Science Year: 2017 Volume: 15 Pages: 55–60

authors: Rati Shavgulidze , D. Bedoshvili, J. Aurbacher,

Linking agricultural food production and rural tourism in the Kazbegi district – A qualitative study

Keywords: Local agri-food products , Tourism , Marketing , Qualitative Research , Greater Caucasus , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Annals of Agrarian Science Year: 2017 Volume: 15 Pages: 40–48

authors: Sarah Hüller , J. Heiny, I.-U. Leonhäuser,

Vodka or Bourbon? Foreign Policy Preferences Toward Russia and the United States in Georgia

Keywords: Russia , the United States , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Foreign Policy Analysis Year: 2017 Volume: 13 Pages: 500-518

authors: David S. Siroky , Alan James Simmons, Giorgi Gvalia,

Plants in the spa – the medicinal plant market of Borjomi, Sakartvelo (Republic of Georgia), Caucasus

Keywords: Georgia , Borjomi Spa , medicinal plant mixtures ,
Journal Title: Indian journal of traditional knowledge Year: 2017

authors: Rainer Bussmann , Narel Paniagua Zambrana, Zaal Kikvidze, Robbie Hart,

Pedagogy, modernity and nationalism in the Caucasus in the age of reaction, 1880–1905

Keywords: Language education policy , Nationalism , Georgia , Caucasus ,
Journal Title: Caucasus Survey Year: 2017 Volume: 5 Pages: 121-141

authors: Timothy Blauvelt , Anton Vacharadze,

Complex Wave Propagation Revealed by Peak Ground Velocity Maps in the Caucasus Area

Keywords: Caucasus , Georgia , Ground Velocity , maps , tectonics ,
Journal Title: Seismological Research Letters Year: 2017 Volume: 88

authors: Cédric P Legendre , Tai Lin Tseng , Himanshu Mittal, Che-Hao Hsu, Arkady Karakhanyan, other authors.

Deepening EU–Georgian Relations: What, why and how?

Keywords: Association Agreement , DCFTA , Georgia , The European Union ,
Year: 2016

authors: Michael Emerson , Tamara Kovziridze, Steven Blockmans, Hrant Kostanyan, Guillaume Van der Loo,

Geological Hazards in Samtskhe-Javakheti Region (Georgia)

Keywords: Geomorphology , Geology , Landslide , Debris flow , Georgia ,
Journal Title: International Journal of Geosciences Year: 2016 Volume: 7 Pages: 311-324

authors: George Gaprindashvili , Gerkeuli Tamaz, Tsereteli Emil, Gaprindashvili Merab,

Cartographies of Stalin: Place, Scale, and Reputational Politics

Keywords: Georgia , multilevel spatial regression , place , reputational politics , Stalin ,
Journal Title: Year: 2016 Volume: 68 Pages: 356-367

authors: Alexi Gugushvili , Peter Kabachnik , Aaron H. Gilbreath,

The age of young intrusions of Tsana Complex (Greater Caucasus) and isotope-geochemical evidence for their origin from hybrid magmas

Keywords: Svaneti , Zemo Racha , Georgia , isotope-geochemical evidence ,
Journal Title: Petrology Year: 2016 Volume: 24 Pages: 315-335

authors: Vladimir Lebedev , O. Z. Dudauri, M. G. Togonidze, Yu. V. Gol’tsman,

The Devdorak ice-rock avalanche and consequent debris flows from the slope of Mt. Kazbek (Caucasus, Georgia) in 2014

Keywords: Devdorak ice-rock , Mt. Kazbek , Georgia ,
Journal Title: European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2016 Year: 2016 Volume: 18

authors: Sergey Chernomorets , Savernyuk E., Dmitry Petrakov , Olga Tutubalina , Gotsiridze G., other authors.

Arsenic pollution of soils and morbidity prevalence in Racha-Lower Svaneti district of Georgia

Keywords: arsenic pollution , waste disposal , soil contamination , Morbidity , health risks , Georgia , environmental pollution , epigenetic abnormalities , mental disorders , psychological testing , diseases ,
Journal Title: International Journal of Global Warming Year: 2016 Volume: 10 Pages: 92-114

authors: Archil Chirakadze , Buachidze, Zakaria, Khomeriki, I.O, Gvakharia, V., Stamateli, M., other authors.

Bondi Cave and the Middle-Upper Palaeolithic transition in western Georgia (south Caucasus)

Keywords: South-Caucasus , Georgia , Middle-Upper Paleolithic transition , 14C ages , Palaeoenvironment , Subsistence strategies , Lithic Technology ,
Journal Title: Quaternary Science Reviews Year: 2016 Volume: 145 Pages: 77-98

authors: David Pleurdeau , Marie-Hélène Moncel, Ron Pinhas, Reuven Yeshurun, Tom Higham, other authors.

Modern and Old Glaciers of Georgia

Keywords: Georgia , Glaciers , Orography and relief , Climatic conditions , The morphological types ,
Year: 2016

authors: Levan Tielidze , Ramin Gobejishvili, Nino Lomidze, Nino Chikhradze,

Georgia today: Military-building and the military-political course

Keywords: Abkhazia , Georgia , NATO , South Ossetia , The Five-Day War ,
Journal Title: Central Asia and the Caucasus Year: 2016 Volume: 17 Pages: 35-43

authors: Sergey Minasyan ,

The environment in the Caucasus in the Upper Paleolithic (Late Pleistocene): Evidence from the small mammals from Dzudzuana cave, Georgia

Keywords: mammal remains , Upper Paleolithic , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Quaternary International Year: 2016 Volume: 2

authors: Miriam Belmaker , Ofer Bar-Yosef, Anna Belfer-Cohen, Nino Jakeli, Tengis Meshveliani,

The non-farm economy in post-Soviet Georgia: A study of three rural communities

Keywords: rural , non-farm , Economy , Georgia , livelihoods , income , employment , Agriculture ,
Year: 2016

authors: Nana Sumbadze , Kobaladze, Ketevan, Dolidze, Pawel, Babajunian, Babken, Janowski, Monica ,

New Record of Tamarixia (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) from Transcaucasia with Some Taxonomic and Biogeographical Notes

Keywords: Georgia , Tetrastichinae , diagnosis , Malaise trap , Transcaucasia ,
Journal Title: Journal of the Entomological Research Society Year: 2016 Pages: 113-120

authors: George Japoshvili , Viktor KOSTJUKOV, Oksana KOSHELEVA,

The Muslim uprising in Ajara and the Stalinist revolution in the periphery

Keywords: Georgia , Adjara , Islam , Gender , de-veiling , Soviet periphery ,
Journal Title: Nationalities Papers The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity Year: 2016 Volume: 44 Pages: 359-379

authors: Timothy Blauvelt , Giorgi Khatiashvili,

Plant and fungal use in Tusheti, Khevsureti, and Pshavi, Sakartvelo (Republic of Georgia), Caucasus

Keywords: Ethnobotany , Georgia , Caucasus , homegardens , Traditional knowledge ,
Journal Title: Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae Year: 2016 Volume: 86 Pages: 1-45

authors: Rainer Bussmann , Narel Paniagua Zambrana, Shalva Sikharulidze, Zaal Kikvidze , David Kikodze, other authors.

Estimating vegetation cover from high-resolution satellite data to assess grassland degradation in the Georgian Caucasus

Keywords: Caucasus , erosion , Georgia , Grassland degradation , MSAVI2 , NDVI , overgrazing , WorldView-2 , Vegetation cover ,
Journal Title: Mountain Research and Development Year: 2016 Volume: 36 Pages: 56-65

authors: Martin Wiesmair , Hannes Feilhauer, Anja Magiera, Annette Otte, Rainer Waldhardt,

Prospects of a settlement in southern georgia based on green energy

Keywords: Georgia , Green energy , Project , Sustainable development , Zveli Site ,
Journal Title: Progress in Clean Energy, Volume 2: Novel Systems and Applications Year: 2015 Pages: 1083-1097

authors: Alexander Tvalchrelidze ,

Is the South Caucasus region a part of the middle east?

Keywords: Georgia , Armenia , Azerbaijan , South caucasus , Economic , Social Development ,
Journal Title: Journal of Third World Studies Year: 2015 Volume: 32 Pages: 83-102

authors: Michael B. Bishku ,

The South Caucasus Republics: Relations with the U.S. and the EU

Keywords: South Caucasus Republics , Georgia , Armenia , Azerbaijan , Cold War , Relations , EU , U.S ,
Journal Title: Middle East Policy Year: 2015 Volume: 22 Pages: 40–57

authors: Michael B. Bishku ,


Keywords: Georgia , Flora , Fauna ,
Journal Title: The Geography of Georgia Year: 2015 Pages: 139-155

authors: Igor Bondyrev , Zurab V. Davitashvili, Vijay P. Singh,

The Geography of Georgia Problems and Perspectives

Keywords: Georgia , political and cultural evolution ,
Year: 2015

authors: Igor Bondyrev , Davitashvili, Zurab, Singh, Vijay P,

An impact evaluation of medical insurance for poor in Georgia: Preliminary results and policy implications

Keywords: health financing reform , 'medical insurance for the poor (MIP)’ , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Health Policy and Planning Year: 2015

authors: George Gotsadze , Akaki Zoidze, Natia Rukhadze, Nino Chkhaidze, Natia Shengelia,

Georgia's Economy The Search for a Development Model

Keywords: declaration of Independence , “Rose Revolution” , Economy , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Problems of Economic Transition Year: 2014 Volume: 57 Pages: 83-94

authors: Vladimer Papava ,

Identity and traditional law: Local legal conceptions in Svan villages, Georgia

Keywords: Caucasus , Georgia , Identit , Svaneti , Traditional law ,
Journal Title: Anthropological Journal of European Cultures Year: 2014 Volume: 23 Pages: 98-118

authors: Stéphane Voell , Jalabadze, Natia, Janiashvili, Lavrenti, Kamm, Elke,


Keywords: Endemic Plants , The Caucasus region , Armenia , Azerbaijan , Georgia , Iran , Russia , Turkey. ,
Journal Title: Red List of Endemic Plants of the Caucasus: Armenia, Azerbaidjan, Georgia, Iran, Russia, and Turkey Year: 2014

authors: George Nakhutsrishvili , Gagnidze Revaz, Shamil Shetekauri, Ketevan Batsatsashvili,

Georgia Transport Sector Assessment, Strategy, and Road Map

Keywords: Georgia , Asia , Road , Road Projects , Goverment Strategies ,
Year: 2014

authors: Prianka Nalin Seneviratne , Amal Kumarage, Klaus Gerhaeusser, Hong Wang, Kathie Julian, other authors.


Keywords: Georgia , Women , Empowerment ,
Journal Title: Management Systems International Year: 2014

authors: Nana Sumbadze ,

Syntaxonomic and nomenclatural notes on the scree vegetation of Caucasus

Keywords: Alpine vegetation , Georgia , Riverine terraces , Russian Federation , Syntaxonomy , Caucasus ,
Journal Title: Hacquetia Year: 2014 Volume: 13 Pages: 279-284

authors: Elena Belonovskaya , Ladislav Mucina, Jean-Paul Theurillat,

Georgia: Marketization and Education Post-1991

Keywords: education marketisation , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Education in Eastern Europe and Eurasia Year: 2014

authors: Maia Chankseliani ,

Deglaciation of the Caucasus Mountains, Russia/Georgia, in the 21st century observed with ASTER satellite imagery and aerial photography

Keywords: Caucasus Mountains , Russia , Georgia , Mountain glaciers , Climatic warming , Temperature ,
Journal Title: The Cryosphere Discuss Year: 2014 Volume: 8 Pages: 4159–4194

authors: Maria Shahgedanova , G. Nosenko, S. Kutuzov, O. Rototaeva, T. Khromova,

Age and origin of Miocene gabbroid intrusions in the northern part of the Lesser Caucasus

Keywords: Lesser caucasus , Georgia , Guria , Miocene gabbroid intrusions , Age ,
Journal Title: Petrology Year: 2014 Volume: 22 Pages: 521-535

authors: Vladimir Lebedev , Chernyshev, Igor, Vashakidze, Goga, Gol’tsman, Yu, Oleinikova, T. I, other authors.

Once upon a time, there was sex in georgia

Keywords: Georgia , Pshavi and Khevsureti , ragmentary ethnographic ,
Journal Title: Slavic Review Year: 2014 Volume: 73 Pages: 265-286

authors: Paul Manning ,

Plastid DNA Sequence Diversity in Wild Grapevine Samples (Vitis vinifera subsp. sylvestris) from the Caucasus Region: Complete Plastid Genome Sequences of Three Georgian Samples

Keywords: Caucasus region , Georgia , DNA sequence , Diversity , Vitis vinifera sylvestris ,
Journal Title: XI International Conference on Grapevine Breeding and Genetics Year: 2014 Pages: 213-216

authors: Ia Pipia , M. Gogniashvili, V. Tabidze, A. Kotorashvili, N. Kotaria,

Economic Achievements of Postrevolutionary Georgia Myths and Reality

Keywords: "Rose Revolution" , Economy achievements , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Problems of Economic Transition Year: 2013 Volume: 56 Pages: 51-65

authors: Vladimer Papava ,

Atlas of Georgian Wild life

Keywords: Georgia , Wild life , animals , Plants ,
Year: 2013

authors: Shamil Shetekauri , Giorgi Darchiashvili, Natia Kopaliani, Ia Jorjadze,

Traumatic masculinities: the gendered geographies of Georgian IDPs from Abkhazia

Keywords: Gender relations , women role , IDPs , Abkhazia , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Gender, Place & Culture A Journal of Feminist Geography Year: 2013 Volume: 20 Pages: 773-793

authors: PETER KABACHNIK , Magdalena Grabowska, Joanna Regulska, Beth Mitchneck , Olga V. Mayorova,

Social Origin, Education and Occupation in Georgia

Keywords: Social Origin , Education , Occupation , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Caucasus Social Science Review (CSSR) Year: 2013 Volume: 1

authors: Alexi Gugushvili ,

The EU's security actorness: the case of EUMM in Georgia

Keywords: EU , Georgia , EUMM , CSDP , security actorness ,
Journal Title: European Security Year: 2013 Volume: 22 Pages: 464-477

authors: Maria Raquel Freire , Licínia Simão ,

Rural disadvantage in Georgian higher education admissions: A mixed-methods study

Keywords: educational achievement , Education , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Comparative Education Review Year: 2013 Volume: 57 Pages: 424-456

authors: Maia Chankseliani ,

Higher Education Access in Post-Soviet Georgia

Keywords: Georgia , higher education ,
Journal Title: Fairness in Access to Higher Education in a Global Perspective Year: 2013 Pages: 171-187

authors: Maia Chankseliani ,

Relating canopy reflectance to the vegetation composition of mountainous grasslands in the Greater Caucasus

Keywords: Field spectroscopy , Floristic gradients , Georgia , Hyperspectral , PLSR , Subalpine hay meadows ,
Journal Title: Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment Year: 2013 Volume: 177 Pages: 101-112

authors: Anja Magiera , Feilhauer, Hannes, Otte, Annette, Waldhardt, Rainer, Simmering, Dietmar,


Keywords: Georgia ,
Year: 2012

authors: Alexi Gugushvili ,

Displacing Blame: Georgian Internally Displaced Person Perspectives of the Georgia–Abkhazia Conflict

Keywords: Georgia , Abkhazia , Conflict ,
Journal Title: Ethnopolitics Formerly Global Review of Ethnopolitics Year: 2012 Volume: 11 Pages: 123-140

authors: PETER KABACHNIK , Joanna Regulska , Beth Mitchneck,

Anatomical Pathology of Georgia's Rose Revolution

Keywords: Georgia , post-revolutionary economic development ,
Journal Title: Current Politics and Economics of the Caucasus Region Year: 2012

authors: Vladimer Papava ,

Securing the South Caucasus: Military Aspects of Russian Policy towards the Region since 2008

Keywords: South caucasus , Georgia , Russia , 2008 ,
Journal Title: Europe-Asia Studies Year: 2012 Volume: 64 Pages: 1650-1666

authors: Tracey German ,

Reflections on the Rose Revolution

Keywords: Rose Revolution , Georgia , Russia ,
Journal Title: European Security Year: 2012 Volume: 21 Pages: 5-15

authors: Stephen F. Jones ,

Diversity and Genetic Erosion of Ancient Crops and Wild Relatives of Agricultural Cultivars for Food: Implications for Nature Conservation in Georgia (Caucasus)

Keywords: Georgia , Genetic erosion , Diversity , Ancient Crops , Food , Agricultural Cultivars , Nature Conservation ,
Journal Title: Perspectives on Nature Conservation - Patterns, Pressures and Prospects Year: 2012 Volume: 3 Pages: 51-92

authors: Maia Akhalkatsi , Jana Ekhvaia, Zezva Asanidze,

Climate change tendencies under global warming conditions in Georgia

Keywords: Climate change , Precipitation , Temperature , Global warming , Georgia , Adjara ,
Year: 2012

authors: Mariam Elizbarashvili , Elizbar Elizbarashvili, Marika Tatishvili, Ramaz Meskhia, Lali Shavliashvili,

The politics of ethnic separatism in Russia and Georgia

Keywords: separatism , Russia , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Central Asian Survey Year: 2011 Volume: 20 Pages: 301-303

authors: Robert Bruce Ware ,

Hominin occupations at the Dmanisi site, Georgia, Southern Caucasus: Raw materials and technical behaviours of Europe's first hominins

Keywords: Georgia , Dmanisi , Eurasia , West Asia , Early Pleistocene , Oldowan , Raw materials , Technical behaviours ,
Journal Title: Journal of Human Evolution Year: 2011 Volume: 60 Pages: 571–596

authors: Ana Mgeladze , David Lordkipanidzea, Marie-Hélène Moncel, Jackie Despriee, Rusudan Chagelishvili, other authors.

Landslides as factor of destruction and formation of mountain ecosystems and soils

Keywords: Landslides , Soils , Mountain ecosystems , Caucasus , Adjara , Georgia ,
Journal Title: ANNALS OF AGRARIAN SCIENCE Year: 2011 Volume: 9 Pages: 1-10

authors: Raisa Gracheva ,

Climate change in Georgia: Statistical and nonlinear dynamics predictions

Keywords: Georgia , Caucasus , Climate change , The greenhouse effect , Sea level , Mountain glaciers ,
Journal Title: Journal of the georgian geophysical society Year: 2011 Volume: 15 Pages: 67-87

authors: Avtandil Amiranashvili , Teimuraz Matcharashvili, Tamaz Chelidze,

Prevalence of HIV among injection drug users in Georgia

Keywords: HIV , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Journal of the International AIDS Society Year: 2011

authors: Ivdity Chikovani , Ketevan Goguadze, Sudit Ranade, Mollie Wertlieb, George Gotsadze , other authors.

Unsafe injection and sexual risk behavior among injecting drug users in Georgia

Keywords: Injecting drug users , HIV , Sexual behavior , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Journal of Urban Health Year: 2011

authors: Ivdity Chikovani , Ivana Bozicevic, Ketevan Goguadze, Natia Rukhadze, George Gotsadze ,

Understanding Poverty in Georgia

Keywords: Poverty , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Caucasus Analytical Digest Year: 2011 Volume: 34 Pages: 15-18

authors: Alexi Gugushvili ,

Religious heritage and emerging tourism in the Republic of Georgia

Keywords: Georgia , Caucasus , religious tourism , churches , heritage tourism , pilgrimage ,
Journal Title: Journal of Heritage Tourism Year: 2010 Volume: 5 Pages: 237-244

authors: Marina Metreveli , Dallen J. Timothyb,

Effects of the august 2008 war in Georgia on tourism and its resources

Keywords: Georgia , War , Tourism , Progress ,
Journal Title: Google Books Year: 2010

authors: Marina Metreveli , Dallen J. Timothy,

Subductions, obduction and collision in the Lesser Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia), new insights

Keywords: Armenia , Azerbaijan , Caucasus , Georgia , Volcanic rocks , Subductions , obduction , collision ,
Journal Title: Geological Society Special Publication Year: 2010 Volume: 340 Pages: 329-352

authors: Marc Sosson , Rolland, Yann, Müller, Carla, Taniel Danelian , Melkonyan, Rafael, other authors.

Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of Dmanisi site (Georgia) based on palaeobotanical data

Keywords: The site of Dmanisi , Lesser caucasus , Georgia , palaeobotanical data ,
Journal Title: Quaternary International Year: 2010 Volume: 223–224 Pages: 20–27

authors: Erwan Messager , D. Lordkipanidze, E. Kvavadze, C.R. Ferring, P. Voinchet,

A Landscape Changes of Georgia: Estimation of an Integrated Parameter

Keywords: Georgia , Integrated parameter , Landscape changes , Landscape inventory , Natural territorial complexes ,
Journal Title: International Journal of Environmental Science and Development Year: 2010 Volume: 1 Pages: 214-218

authors: Dali Nikolaishvili , Lia Matchavariani, Roman Maisuradze,

Diversionary Role of the Georgia–Russia Conflict: International Constraints and Domestic Appeal

Keywords: Russia , Georgia , Conflicts ,
Journal Title: Europe-Asia Studies Year: 2010 Volume: 61 Pages: 1825-1847

authors: Mikhail Filippov ,

Reasons and processes leading to the erosion of crop genetic diversity in mountainous regions of Georgia

Keywords: Agrobiodiversity , Caucasus , Genetic erosion , Georgia , Germplasm conservation ,
Journal Title: Mountain Research and Development Year: 2010 Volume: 30 Pages: 304-310

authors: Maia Akhalkatsi , Jana Ekhvaia , Marine Mosulishvili, George Nakhutsrishvili , Otar Abdaladze, other authors.

The Guns of August 2008: Russia's War in Georgia

Keywords: Georgia , Russia , War , 2008 ,
Year: 2010 Volume: 4 (1)

authors: Svante E. Cornell , Frederick Starr,

Where and When is Home? The Double Displacement of Georgian IDPs from Abkhazia

Keywords: Georgia , Abkhazia , IDPs , displacement , home , place ,
Journal Title: Journal of Refugee Studies Year: 2010 Volume: 23 Pages: 315-336

authors: PETER KABACHNIK , Joanna Regulska, Beth Mitchneck,

The role of supportive supervision on immunization program outcome-a randomized field trial from Georgia

Keywords: immunization program , human resources , Georgia ,
Journal Title: BMC international health and human rights Year: 2009

authors: Mamuka Djibuti , George Gotsadze , Akaki Zoidze, George Mataradze, Laura C Esmail, other authors.

Assessment of IDP Livelihoods in Georgia: Facts and Policies

Keywords: internal displacement , Livelihood , Georgia ,
Journal Title: UNHCR, Danish Refugee Council and European Union Year: 2009

authors: George Tarkhan-Mouravi ,

Status of turs in Georgia and conservation action plan

Keywords: Caucasian tur , Capra cylindricornis , C. caucasica , Georgia , Conservation Action Plan , Population ,
Journal Title: Status and Protection of Globally Threatened Species in the Caucasus Year: 2009 Pages: 61-68

authors: Natia Kopaliani , Zurab Gurielidze,

Saakashvili in the public eye: what public opinion polls tell us

Keywords: Georgia , Survey , Democracy , Governance , War , external orientation ,
Journal Title: A polarized democracy Year: 2009 Volume: 28 Pages: 185-197

authors: Nana Sumbadze ,

David and Goliath: Georgia and Russia’s Coercive Diplomacy

Keywords: Georgia , Russia ,
Journal Title: Defence Studies Year: 2009 Volume: 9 Pages: 224-241

authors: Tracey German ,

Preface: Georgia on everybody's mind: the aftermath of war

Keywords: Georgia ,
Journal Title: Central Asian Survey Year: 2009 Volume: 28 Pages: 91-92

authors: Ronald G. Suny ,

The "Rosy" Mistakes of the IMF and World Bank in Georgia

Keywords: IMF , World Bank , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Problems of Economic Transition Year: 2009 Volume: 52 Pages: 44-55

authors: Vladimer Papava ,

Georgia's hollow revolution: does Georgia's pro-western and anti-Russian policy amount to democracy

Keywords: Bolshevik , Russia , Georgia ,
Journal Title: The Harvard International Review Year: 2008 Volume: 6

authors: Vladimer Papava ,

A new concept for the Caucasus

Keywords: Caucasus , Economic integration , Energy , pipelines , Russia , Azerbaijan , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Southeast European and Black Sea Studies Year: 2008 Volume: 8 Pages: 283–298

authors: Eldar Ismailov , Vladimer Papava ,

Russia's post-colonial war(s)?

Keywords: Chechnya , Georgia , Post- Soviet Union , wars ,
Journal Title: Europe-Asia Studies Year: 2008 Volume: 60 Pages: 851-861

authors: Cerwyn Moore ,

State Approaches to National Integration in Georgia: Two Perspectives

Keywords: Georgia , Perspectives ,
Year: 2008

authors: Niklas Nilsson , Johanna Popjanevski, Ekaterine Metreveli, Temuri Yakobashvili,

Impediments to the Sustainable Development of the Caucasus-Pontdes Region

Keywords: Sustainable development , Caucasus-Pontdes Region , Georgia , economic development ,
Journal Title: New Global Development Year: 2008 Volume: 20 Pages: 33-48

authors: Igor Bondyrev , Z. K. Tatashidze, V. P. Singh, E. D. Tsereteli, A. Yilmaz,

War in Georgia, jitters all around

Keywords: Georgia , Russia , War ,
Journal Title: Current History Year: 2008 Pages: 307-314

authors: Svante E. Cornell ,

The August 2008 Russo-Georgian War: Which Side Went First?

Keywords: Georgia , Russia , War ,
Journal Title: Russia and its Near Neighbours Year: 2008 Pages: Russia and its Near Neighbours

authors: John B. Dunlop,

Clash in the Caucasus: Georgia, Russia, and the Fate of South Ossetia

Keywords: The caucasus , Georgia , Russian province of North Ossetia , Russian invasion ,
Journal Title: Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective Year: 2008 Volume: 2 Pages: 1-10

authors: Stephen Jones ,

On the Origin and Consolidation of Hybrid Regimes: The State of Democracy in the Caucasus.

Keywords: Georgia , Armenia , Azerbaijan , Democracy ,
Journal Title: Taiwan Journal of Democracy Year: 2008 Volume: 4

authors: Jonathan Wheatley, Christoph Zürcher ,

Botanical and zoological remains from an early medieval grave at Tsitsamuri, Georgia

Keywords: Georgia , Archaeobotany , Palynology , Palaeoecology , Molluscs , Non-pollen palynomorphs ,
Journal Title: Vegetation History and Archaeobotany Year: 2008 Volume: 17 Pages: 217–224

authors: Eliso Kvavadze , Luara Rukhadze, Vakhtang Nikolaishvili, Levan Mumladze ,

"Our Beer": Ethnographic Brands in Postsocialist Georgia

Keywords: Georgia , Ethnographic Brands , Beer , Postsocialist ,
Journal Title: American Anthropologist Year: 2007 Volume: 109 Pages: 626-641

authors: Paul Manning , Ann Uplisashvili,

Postseismic deformation following the 1991 Racha, Georgia, earthquake

Keywords: Racha , Georgia , Earthquake , modeling ,
Journal Title: Geophysical Research Letters Year: 2007

authors: Joel Podgorski , E. H. Hearn, S. McClusky, R. Reilinger, T. Taymaz, other authors.

Conservation of the Leopard in the Caucasus

Keywords: Caucasus , Conservation , Leopard , Poaching , Western Alborz Mountains , Armenia , Azerbaijan , Georgia ,
Journal Title: CAT News Year: 2007 Pages: 4-8

authors: Nugzar Zazanashvili , Frank Mörschel, Elshad Askerov, Karen Manvelyan, Vladimir Krever, other authors.

The Rose Revolution: A Revolution without Revolutionaries?

Keywords: Georgia , Rose Revolution ,
Journal Title: Cambridge Review of International Affairs Year: 2006 Volume: 19 Pages: 33-48

authors: Stephen Jones ,

Becoming European: Georgia’s Strategy for Joining the EU

Keywords: Georgia , EU ,
Journal Title: Problems of Post-Communism Year: 2006 Volume: 53 Pages: 6-32

authors: Vladimer Papava , Michael Tokmazishvili,

Problem of climate change in mountainous countries: A case study for Georgia

Keywords: Georgia , Mountainous countries , Climate change , Mean annual temperature , Natural landscapes , Great Caucasus glaciers ,
Journal Title: Russian Meteorology and Hydrology Year: 2006 Pages: 33-39

authors: Nodar Begalishvili , N. I. Beradze, B. Sh. Beritashvili, G. I. Kordzakhia, G. L. Lazriev, other authors.

The political economy of Georgia's Rose Revolution

Keywords: Rose Revolution , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Orbis Year: 2006 Pages: 657-667

authors: Vladimer Papava ,

A promethean legacy: late quaternary vegetation history of southern Georgia, Caucasus

Keywords: Vegetation , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Year: 2006

authors: Simon E Connor ,


Keywords: Georgia , Sustainable development , Economy , Energy ,
Year: 2005

authors: Archil Gegeshidze , Ketevan Gujaraidze, Omar Kiguradze, Temur Mikiashvili, Paata Janelidze, other authors.

The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline: Implications for Georgia

Keywords: Georgia , Economy , Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline ,
Journal Title: Starr, Frederick S./Cornell Svante E.: The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline: Oil Window to the West. Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program, Washington, DC Year: 2005

authors: Vladimer Papava ,

Obstacles impeding the regional integration of the Javakheti region of Georgia

Keywords: Javakheti , Georgia ,
Journal Title: European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) Year: 2004

authors: Jonathan Wheatley ,

Thermal waters of Georgia

Keywords: Georgia , Thermal waters ,
Journal Title: Geothermics Year: 2003

authors: Ioseb Buachidze , G.I Buachidse, M.P Shaorshadse,

Preliminary observations on the vertebrate taphonomy of the Dmanisi locality in the Republic of Georgia

Keywords: Taphonomy , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Current Topics on Taphonomy and Fossilization. Ajuntament de Valencia, Valencia Year: 2002 Pages: 161-170

authors: Martha Tappen , R Ferring, D Lordkipanidz, A Vekua, G Kiladze,

Effects of large-scale cattle grazing on Orthoptera (Saltatoria et Mantodea) on pastures in Georgia (Caucasus)

Keywords: Georgia , Caucasus , Cattle , Grazing , Pastures , Orthoptera , Habitat quality ,
Journal Title: Pasture Landscapes and Nature Conservation Year: 2002 Pages: 355-366

authors: Andrea Bontjer , Harald Plachter,

Site formation and taphonomy of the Lower Pleistocene site of Dmanisi, Republic of Georgia

Keywords: Georgia , Pleistocene ,
Journal Title: Journal of human evolution Year: 2002 Volume: 42 Pages: A35-A36

authors: Martha Tappen , R Ferring, D Lordkipanidze,


Keywords: geopopitics , Armenia , Georgia , Javakheti ,
Journal Title: Khazar Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Year: 2001 Volume: 4

authors: Hasan KANBOLAT , Gul, Nazmi,


Keywords: Georgia , I-E LOCUS ,
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