Publications on keyword: Russia


Vodka or Bourbon? Foreign Policy Preferences Toward Russia and the United States in Georgia

Keywords: Russia , the United States , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Foreign Policy Analysis Year: 2017 Volume: 13 Pages: 500-518

authors: David S. Siroky , Alan James Simmons, Giorgi Gvalia,

South Caucasus from 1918 to 1921: history and historical parallels with the contemporary era

Keywords: South caucasus , Russia , Allies , Western powers ,
Journal Title: Nationalities Papers The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity Year: 2017 Volume: 45 Pages: 910-927

authors: Anna Mkhoyan ,

Economic Cooperation in the South Caucasus and the Wider Region: Gained Losses, Lost Benefits

Keywords: Turkey , Iran , Russia , economic options ,
Journal Title: The Caucasus Edition- Journal of Conflict Transformation Year: 2016

authors: Pinar Sayan , Orhan Gafarli, Tamta Jijavadze, David Muradyan, Vadim Romashov , other authors.

Russia and South Ossetia: conferring statehood or creeping annexation?

Keywords: Russia , South Ossetia , Abkhazia , separatist territories , quasi-states ,
Journal Title: Southeast European and Black Sea Studies Year: 2016 Volume: 16 Pages: 155-167

authors: Tracey German ,

Islamic identity of the Russian North Caucasus modern challenges

Keywords: Identity , Islam , Islamic identity , North Caucasus , Russia ,
Journal Title: European Journal of Science and Theology Year: 2016 Volume: 12 Pages: 165-175

authors: Ruslan Borisov , Naida Akaeva, Nurzhagan Nurbagandovna Kazieva,

Islam and Buddhism in the Changing Post- Soviet Religious Landscape

Keywords: Soviet Union , scientific atheism , public religiosit , Russia ,
Journal Title: The Changing World Religion Map Year: 2015 Pages: 1515-1530

authors: Edward C. Holland , Meagan Todd,

Reconceptualizing, Measuring, and Evaluating Distance and Context in the Study of Conflicts: Using Survey Data from the North Caucasus of Russia

Keywords: political violence , North Caucasus , Russia ,
Journal Title: International Studies Review Year: 2015 Volume: 17 Pages: 107–125

authors: Andrew M. Linke, John O'Loughlin,

Effectiveness of protected areas in the Western Caucasus before and after the transition to post-socialism

Keywords: Western Caucasus , Protected areas , Socioeconomic shock , Russia , Forest disturbance , Abkhazia , Olympic Games , Random Forests ,
Journal Title: Biological Conservation Year: 2015 Volume: 184 Pages: 456-464

authors: Bragina, Eugenia V. , Christian Volker Radeloff, Matthias Baumann , Kelly J. Wendland, Tobias Kuemmerle, other authors.

Deglaciation of the Caucasus Mountains, Russia/Georgia, in the 21st century observed with ASTER satellite imagery and aerial photography

Keywords: Caucasus Mountains , Russia , Georgia , Mountain glaciers , Climatic warming , Temperature ,
Journal Title: The Cryosphere Discuss Year: 2014 Volume: 8 Pages: 4159–4194

authors: Maria Shahgedanova , G. Nosenko, S. Kutuzov, O. Rototaeva, T. Khromova,


Keywords: Endemic Plants , The Caucasus region , Armenia , Azerbaijan , Georgia , Iran , Russia , Turkey. ,
Journal Title: Red List of Endemic Plants of the Caucasus: Armenia, Azerbaidjan, Georgia, Iran, Russia, and Turkey Year: 2014

authors: George Nakhutsrishvili , Gagnidze Revaz, Shamil Shetekauri, Ketevan Batsatsashvili,

Microbial characteristics of soils depending on the human impact on archaeological sites in the Northern Caucasus

Keywords: Northern Caucasus , Microbial characteristics , Russia ,
Journal Title: Quaternary International Year: 2014 Volume: 324 Pages: 162–171

authors: Swetlana Peters , N. V. Borisov, Sabine Reinhold, Dmitrij S. Korobov, Heinrich Thiemeyer,

Russian-Armenian relations: Affection or pragmatism

Keywords: Russia , Armenia , Relations ,
Journal Title: PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo Year: 2013 Volume: 269

authors: Sergey Minasyan ,

Empire and mountains: The case of Russia and the Caucasus

Keywords: Caucasian region , Empire , Mountains , Chechen Wars , Russia ,
Journal Title: Social Evolution and History Year: 2013 Volume: 12 Pages: 120-142

authors: Moshe Gammer ,

The diffusion of violence in the North Caucasus of Russia, 1999–2010

Keywords: North Caucasus , Russia , Civil war ,
Journal Title: Environment and Planning A Year: 2012 Pages: 2379-2396

authors: John O’Loughlin , Frank D W Witmer,

Mid to Late Holocene Glacier Variations in Central Caucasus, Russia

Keywords: Central Caucasus , Russia , Glacier ,
Journal Title: Quaternary International Year: 2012

authors: Olga Solomina ,

EU-Russia Security Relations: Lessons from the South Caucasus

Keywords: Georgia (Country) , Caucasus , European Union , Russia , International Politics ,
Journal Title: Competing for Influence: The EU and Russia in Post-Soviet Eurasia. Dordrecht: Republic of Letters Pub Year: 2012 Pages: 157-178

authors: Licínia Simão ,

Reflections on the Rose Revolution

Keywords: Rose Revolution , Georgia , Russia ,
Journal Title: European Security Year: 2012 Volume: 21 Pages: 5-15

authors: Stephen F. Jones ,

Securing the South Caucasus: Military Aspects of Russian Policy towards the Region since 2008

Keywords: South caucasus , Georgia , Russia , 2008 ,
Journal Title: Europe-Asia Studies Year: 2012 Volume: 64 Pages: 1650-1666

authors: Tracey German ,

The politics of ethnic separatism in Russia and Georgia

Keywords: separatism , Russia , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Central Asian Survey Year: 2011 Volume: 20 Pages: 301-303

authors: Robert Bruce Ware ,

The Guns of August 2008: Russia's War in Georgia

Keywords: Georgia , Russia , War , 2008 ,
Year: 2010 Volume: 4 (1)

authors: Svante E. Cornell , Frederick Starr,

The pawn of great powers: The East–West competition for Caucasia

Keywords: Caucasia , Russia , regional hegemony ,
Journal Title: Journal of Eurasian Studies Year: 2010 Volume: 1 Pages: 10–25

authors: Ronald G. Suny ,

Diversionary Role of the Georgia–Russia Conflict: International Constraints and Domestic Appeal

Keywords: Russia , Georgia , Conflicts ,
Journal Title: Europe-Asia Studies Year: 2010 Volume: 61 Pages: 1825-1847

authors: Mikhail Filippov ,

David and Goliath: Georgia and Russia’s Coercive Diplomacy

Keywords: Georgia , Russia ,
Journal Title: Defence Studies Year: 2009 Volume: 9 Pages: 224-241

authors: Tracey German ,

A new concept for the Caucasus

Keywords: Caucasus , Economic integration , Energy , pipelines , Russia , Azerbaijan , Georgia ,
Journal Title: Southeast European and Black Sea Studies Year: 2008 Volume: 8 Pages: 283–298

authors: Eldar Ismailov , Vladimer Papava ,

War in Georgia, jitters all around

Keywords: Georgia , Russia , War ,
Journal Title: Current History Year: 2008 Pages: 307-314

authors: Svante E. Cornell ,

The August 2008 Russo-Georgian War: Which Side Went First?

Keywords: Georgia , Russia , War ,
Journal Title: Russia and its Near Neighbours Year: 2008 Pages: Russia and its Near Neighbours

authors: John B. Dunlop,

Georgia's hollow revolution: does Georgia's pro-western and anti-Russian policy amount to democracy

Keywords: Bolshevik , Russia , Georgia ,
Journal Title: The Harvard International Review Year: 2008 Volume: 6

authors: Vladimer Papava ,

The destination image of Russia: From the online induced perspective

Keywords: CATPAC , Content analysis , Destination image , Induced image , Russia , WORDER ,
Journal Title: Tourism Management Year: 2006 Volume: 27 Pages: 943–956

authors: Svetlana Stepchenkova , Alastair M. Morrison ,

The role of historical processes in determining tree species richness in the forests of Western Caucasus

Keywords: Evolution , Russia , Species Specificity , Trees ,
Journal Title: Zhurnal Obshchei Biologii Year: 2005 Volume: 66 Pages: 459-470

authors: Valeriy Akatov , Chefranov, S.G., Akatova, T.V.,

The Good Russian Prisoner: Naturalizing Violence in the Caucasus Mountains

Keywords: Caucasus Mountains , Russia ,
Journal Title: 2005 by the American Anthropological Association Year: 2005 Volume: 20 Pages: 39–67

authors: Bruce Grant ,

„Russia and Chechnia: A Long History of Conflict, Resistance and Oppression “

Keywords: Russia , Chechnya , History ,
Journal Title: Alternatives: Turkish Journal of International Relations Year: 2004 Volume: 3

authors: Bulent Gokay ,

Seismic shifts in Eurasia: The changing relationship between Turkey and Russia and its implications for the South Caucasus

Keywords: Caucasus , Turkey , Russia ,
Journal Title: Southeast European and Black Sea Studies Year: 2003 Volume: 3 Pages: 55-75

authors: Fiona Hill ,

Where Martial Plunder Prowls the Mountains" (Prisoners of the Caucasus)

Keywords: History , Russia , Caucasus ,
Journal Title: Russian Social Science Review Year: 2003 Volume: 44 Pages: 9-26

authors: Nikolay V. Markelov ,

Dagestani Perspectives on Russia and Chechnya

Keywords: Russia , Dagestan , Chechnya ,
Journal Title: Post-Soviet Affairs Year: 2002 Volume: 18

authors: Robert Bruce Ware , Enver F. Kisriev, Werner J. Patzelt, Ute Roericht,

Two New Species of Vipers of «kaznakovi» Complex (Ophidia, Viperinae) from the Western Caucasus

Keywords: Ophidia , Viperinae , new species of «kaznakovi» complex , Western Caucasus , Russia ,
Journal Title: Russian Journal of Herpetology Year: 2001 Volume: 8 Pages: 117-126

authors: Boris Tuniyev , Sergei Ostrovskikh,

The ascertainment of multiplex schizophrenia pedigrees from Daghestan genetic isolates (Northern Caucasus, Russia).

Keywords: Northern Caucasus , Russia , Schizophrenia pedigrees , Daghestan ,
Journal Title: Psychiatr Genetics Year: 2000 Pages: 67-72

authors: Kazima Bulayeva , Leal SM , Pavlova TA, Kurbanov R, Coover S, other authors.

Prisoners of the Caucasus: Russia's Invisible Civil War

Keywords: Caucasus , Russia , Politic ,
Journal Title: Foreign Affairs Year: 20-34 Volume: 89 Pages: 20-34

authors: Charles King , Rajan Menon,

Tetrapod footprints from early permian redbeds of the northern caucasus, Russia

Keywords: Dromopus , Dimetropus , Caucasus , Russia , Permian ,
Journal Title: Ichnos An International Journal for Plant and Animal Traces Year: 1999 Volume: 6

authors: Spencer G. Lucas , Vladlen R. Lozovsky, Michael A. Shishkin,

Southern Living (in Captivity): The Caucasus in Russian Popular Culture

Keywords: Caucasus , Russia , History ,
Journal Title: Popular Culture Year: 1998 Volume: 31 Pages: 75–93

authors: Thomas M. Barrett ,

Tourism and Environmental Degradation in Sochi, Russia

Keywords: environmental pollution , Resort and tourism business , Russia , Sochi ,
Journal Title: Annals of Tourism Research Year: 1996 Volume: 23 Pages: 654-665

authors: Nina Lukashina , Marat M. Amirkhanov, Valerii I. Anisimov, Alexander Trunev,

Russia and the Caucasus

Keywords: Caucasus , Russia ,
Journal Title: Studies in Conflict & Terrorism Year: 1996 Volume: 19 Pages: 389-402

authors: Paul H. Henze ,

Mousterian Hunters of the NW Caucasus: Preliminary Results of Recent Investigations

Keywords: The caucasus , Mousterian sites , Russia ,
Journal Title: Journal of Field Archaeology Year: 1994 Volume: 21 Pages: 1-14

authors: Gennady Baryshnikov ,